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    Sixty-Two Student-Athletes Earn Degrees
    Meghan Thompson
    Meghan Thompson

    June 16, 2011

    RALEIGH, N.C. -

    Sixty-two student-athletes earned their degrees from NC State in May, representing 19 varsity sports.

    Meghan Thompson, a member of the Swimming and Diving team, was one of the student speakers at the graduation breakfast, which is sponsored by the athletics department and ASPSA.

    She told her fellow graduates: "NC State will always, always be present in our memories. I hope that wherever you go, you go with all your heart, and therefore wherever you go and whatever you do, NC State will always be taken with you as a part of that."

    Here's a list of the student-athletes who earned their degrees in May:
    Olukorede Aiyegbusi M. Soccer
    Kaylee Allen Cheerleading
    Chrystel Bakong M. Soccer
    Tia Bell W. Bkst.
    Kristen Bolinger Cheerleading
    Natalie Brown Cheerleading
    Darrion Caldwell Wrestling
    Lucas Carpenter M. Soccer
    Rob Chamra Baseball
    Claudia Cooper Softball
    Wayne Crawford Football
    Gregory Dame Men's T/F
    Amy DePasquale Gymnastics
    Bridget Desbois Softball
    Brandon Detweiler MGolf
    Daniel Forsythe Men's S/D
    Mike Glennon Football
    Christopher Goodell Cheerleading
    Gary Gregory Football
    Hanna Halteman W. Bkst.
    Lenka Hojckova W. Tennis
    Paul Horst Football
    Steven Howard Football
    Daniel Imhoff Football
    Clem Johnson Football
    Enrico Kufuor M. Bkst.
    Markus Kuhn Football
    Henry Lawson Football
    Elisa Licona Cheerleading
    William Mackvick M. Soccer
    Natanu Mageo Football
    Kara McKenna Women's T/F
    Benjamin Mechak Men's S/D
    Sarah Merritt Women's S/D
    Tyler Mills Men's S/D
    DeAndre Morgan Football
    Amanda Panty Women's S/D
    Sommer Paschal Volleyball
    Brandon Price Baseball
    Taylor Pritchard Volleyball
    Nancy Radloff Women's S/D
    Sally Reed Cheerleading
    Martika Rush Cheerleading
    Alyson Santilli W. Soccer
    Suzanne Sawyer Cheerleading
    Chris Schaeffer Baseball
    Nicholas Schauer Men's S/D
    Taylor Seaman Gymnastics
    Marty Stoner Football
    Brittany Strachan W. Bkst.
    Kirsten Such Gymnastics
    Meghan Thompson Women's S/D
    Tiana Thorpe Women's T/F
    Thomas Trotto Cheerleading
    Brittany Vontz Gymnastics
    Marika Walker Women's T/F
    Miles Walker Men's T/F
    Jessica Ward Women's S/D
    Molly Wheeler Cheerleading
    Amber White W. Bkst.
    Paige Woodard Women's T/F
    Christopher Zuerner M. Soccer

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