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    Debbie Yow Live Chat Transcript

    Sept. 27, 2012

    Raleigh, N.C. -

    NC State Athletics Director Debbie Yow answered fan questions on

    Yow: Hello to everybody. It’s good to have this opportunity to share thoughts with you again. So let’s get started.
    Comment From @StateFan
    We were originally scheduled to play at Pitt next year in a non-conference game, what is the status of that game?
    Yow: We are scheduled to play at Pitt in 2013. Generally, we announce our full non-conference schedule at the same time the conference schedule is released by the ACC each January.
    Comment From Guest
    How do you like the progress of the athletic programs since you’ve taken over as AD?
    Yow: I am pleased with our competitive advancement from Number 89 nationally to Number 37, but we still have a lot of work to do to become a top-25 program, led by football and men’s basketball.
    Comment From James
    What is the status of the indoor practice facility for football? Where will it be located, and how soon will it be built?
    Yow: The campus has approved fundraising efforts for a renovation of Reynolds Coliseum and for an indoor practice facility for all field teams. It will likely be located near the Murphy Football Center and when it will be built depends on the success of the fundraising initiatives.

    Comment From Elliott
    What are your thoughts on increasing the amount of time for tailgating before football games.
    Yow: My understanding is that there is a university task force that made the original recommendation several years ago to begin tailgating four hours before each game. Later, they added another hour so that now fans can arrive five hours before each game. The task force includes members from campus police, the Wolfpack Club staff, athletics, and student affairs. We hope the group can be reconvened this winter to review the policy.
    Policies for the opening of parking lots across ACC schools vary greatly. Here are a few examples: Miami opens four hours prior to kickoff, Maryland opens six hours prior to kickoff, Virginia opens somewhere between three and five hours prior to kickoff depending on the specific lot, Boston College opens at 6 am for kickoffs of 1 pm or earlier and 8 am for kickoffs later than 1 pm, Clemson opens at 6 am each game day, Florida State lots open five hours prior to kickoff, Georgia Tech lots open at 7 am on game day, Wake Forest lots open six hours prior to kickoff for games beginning at 3:30 or over. For evening games, those lots open eight hours prior to kickoff. Syracuse opens lots four hours prior to kickoff and Pitt opens lots five hours prior to kickoff. UNC opens reserved lots at 7 am on game day.
    This research was done by our Associate AD for facilities.
    Comment From Ronald
    With the addition of Notre Dame to the ACC in basketball, will the home and home series with UNC be saved?
    Yow: I supported the addition of Notre Dame strongly, in part because I believed we would regain our home and home series with UNC. While no definitive answer exists today, I still believe that is likely to occur.
    Comment From Ernest Pharis
    Do we have plans to re-do the east concourse at Carter Finley?
    Yow: Our current future facility improvements are listed in the answer to question number three.
    Comment From BradB
    What do we have to do to request a SLIGHTLY lower decibel level from the sound system in the time leading up to game time.?
    Yow: I have requested the sound be lowered slightly and also indicated a desire for a greater mix of music that allows for a variety because we have patrons who gravitate toward retro tunes. That said, there will always be some music during player warmups that our student-athletes wish to hear.
    Comment From Bob F
    First, thanks for all you do for Wolfpack Nation!What is the current Athletic Department/WPC financial situation? What are the intermediate and long terms goals for the department? What needs to happen financially to meet those goals?
    Yow: Our most immediate goals are to do what is necessary to become a top 25 athletics program, operating within the NCAA rules. As part of that plan, we must continue to pay all of our bills on schedule and support fundraising efforts led our talented Wolfpack Club staff. So far, so good. This is never easy and financial concerns consume a disproportionate amount of my time as your athletic director.
    Comment From Joseph
    Are their any plans in the future to expand/update/renovate Doak Field?
    Yow: We are discussing possible improvements internally to our baseball facility. At present, there is no set plan in place.
    Comment From Bert Hines
    Now that the baseball team has exploded onto the scene, are their any plans to expand the seating for the baseball field?
    Yow: Seating does not yet need to be expanded permanently. We have brought in additional seating when needed for specific games.
    Comment From kelly
    what about the black unifroms
    Yow: Oftentimes, coaches lead in the selection of uniform designs and colors. For years, recruits have indicated that they like black uniforms. As long as recruits like black uniforms, I predict that coaches will want to have one for occasional use.

    Comment From Matthew
    Why was the Tom O’Brien TV show taken off the local stations in North Carolina and moved to Fox Sports South and only?
    Yow: I am unaware that Coach O’Brien’s show was taken off the local stations in North Carolina, but will ask Dick Christy in marketing to check into this.
    Comment From Gregory Clemmons
    Why do all of the ADs and President of Universities allow Notre Dame to have it’s cake and eat it to when it comes to joining conferences ie ACC? Letting them keep being on their own in football and playing conference for all other sports just does not seem fair to the conferences overall.
    Yow: Notre Dame will play a full basketball schedule as well as a full schedule for every Olympic sport. Additionally they have committed to five ACC football games each year. They also committed to the $50 million buyout, which means they are very serious about being a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. They will not share in any of the ACC football revenue and will share very modestly in men’s basketball revenue. So all in all, I believe this was the right time to invite them to join us, even though there is not a full football schedule at this time.
    Comment From Ben
    Seems like the college landscape is as tumultuous as ever when it comes to NCAA guidelines and sanctions. How is State ensuring that the program maintains the necessary standards, and is there any area you feel we could improve on that matter?
    Yow: It is important to always be on the alert for issues and to have proper checks and balances in place. On our campus there are multiple guidelines we follow to best ensure there are no missteps. We have five full-time professionals in our compliance unit and it is led by Ms. Carrie Doyle, one of the most well-respected compliance officers in the nation.
    That said, no one can guarantee there will be no isolated problem. What we can guarantee is that if we encountered any issue, we will deal with it in the right way, to best protect the athletic program and the university reputations.
    Comment From bob
    what are the chances that the team could run out to goldigger by kanye west. they have edited versions, and the bass really thumps.
    Yow: Our marketing unit makes recommendations for the music and the videos to be used when our team comes onto the field. Those choices are made prior to the beginning of each season.
    Comment From Gene
    Any consideration of scheduling ACC teams we only play once every 4 years in football as a non-conference game (Duke, Va. Tech)?
    Yow: Most coaches would oppose doing this, and coaches always have input into scheduling.
    Comment From Craig
    Is there anyway to change back to the old traffic policy for students? Traffic on Trinity has been terrible on gameday.
    Yow: The traffic flow on Trinity, as you suggest, was not good last Saturday. I personally was caught in the traffic on Trinity last weekend and have used that as an example with our staff that we need more efficient traffic control. They promised to share that opinion with campus police and the highway patrol, who manage traffic flow.
    Comment From Kevin R.
    Hi Debbie, I know the swimming program is making great progress under new leadership, any word or plans for renovation of the facility? I feel like the Pool is the one athletic facility that is really lagging behind the others.
    Yow: We renovated the front lobby of the Casey Aquatics Center and we are now considering renovations with campus recreation of the locker rooms. The long-term fix will involve a new aquatics center on Centennial Campus, which will not occur for years.
    Comment From Katie O
    You’ve stated several time that you will strive to have consistent top 25 teams in all sports. Does that mean eventually we are going to shell out the money for football to make them top 25 as well? How do you plan to finance that?
    Yow: The football budget has grown considerably over the last 2-1/2 years. All of the needs that have been identified have been met and there is a plan in place to build a new practice facility. The team travels well on 757 Delta Aircraft. I am not sure what else you think is necessary to become a top 25 program consistently. We finished in the top 25 two seasons ago and improvements have been made since then.
    Comment From Mitch
    Are we going to continue the STATE marketing on our apparel? I love it and I think our fans have been asking for it for years. Thanks for bringing it back!!!
    Yow: There will always be a place for the use of the “STATE” mark, especially locally. As we gain national prominence, it will be important to brand our program with the full university mark of “NC State” as well. I have an affection for the “State” mark because of the uniforms women’s basketball used to wear when my sister Kay was coaching and my sister Susan was playing for NC State back in the 70s and 80s.
    You always ask insightful questions, which I appreciate. Thank you for your loyalty to State. That is never taken for granted.

    In the spirit of the Pack,

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