Player Previous Drafts Drafted at NC State
    Grant Dorn, RHP 29th round, Rangers, 1996 10th round, Expos, 1999
    Brian Ward, 2B Undrafted 12th round, Padres, 1999
    Jason Blanton, RHP 28th round, Red Sox, 1998 12th round, Cubs, 2001
    Dan D'Amato, LHP Undrafted 27th round, Pirates, 2001
    Josh Miller, RHP Undrafted 32nd round, Phillies, 2001?
    Sean Walsh, 3B Undrafted 47th round, Phillies, 2001
    Brian Wright, OF Undrafted 7th round, Indians, 2002
    Mike Prochaska, LHP 11th round, Twins, 1999 16th round, Devil Rays, 2002
    Colt Morton, C 36th round, Devil Rays, 2000 3rd round, Padres, 2003
    Jeremy Dutton, 3B Undrafted 7th round, Mariners, 2003
    Joe Gaetti, OF Undrafted 12th round, Rockies, 2003
    Chad Orvella, RHP Undrafted 13th round, Devil Rays, 2003
    Vern Sterry, RHP 38th round, Rockies, 2001 16th round, Athletics, 2003?
    Justin Riley, C Undrafted 34th round, Phillies, 2003
    Michael Rogers, RHP Undrafted 2nd round, Athletics, 2004
    Vern Sterry, RHP 16th round, Athletics, 2003 8th round, Padres, 2004
    David Hicks, 1B Undrafted 36th round, Blue Jays, 2004
    Jake Muyco, C 33rd round, Orioles, 2003 8th round, Cubs, 2005
    36th round, Devil Rays, 2002
    Aaron Bates, 1B Undrafted 8th round, Marlins, 2005
    Aaron Bates, 1B 8th round, Marlins, 2005 3rd round, Red Sox, 2006
    Jon Still, C/DH Undrafted 4th round, Red Sox, 2006
    Sam Walls, RHP Undrafted 10th round, Phillies, 2006
    Gib Hobson, RHP Undrafted 11th round, Giants, 2006
    Jonathan Diaz, SS Undrafted 12th round, Blue Jays, 2006
    Matt Camp, OF/2B Undrafted 13th round, Cubs, 2006
    Jeff Stallings, RHP Undrafted 18th round, Giants, 2006
    Brian Aragon, OF Undrafted 22nd round, Yankees, 2006
    Andrew Brackman, RHP Undrafted 1st round, Yankees, 2007
    Caleb Mangum, C Undrafted 24th round, Phillies, 2007
    Ramon Corona, INF Undrafted 26th round, Giants, 2007
    Eryk McConnell, RHP 10th round, Orioles, 2007 20th round, Phillies, 2008
    Clayton Shunick, RHP Undrafted 5th round, Reds, 2008
    Eric Surkamp, LHP Undrafted 6th round, Giants, 2008
    Marcus Jones, OF 38th round, Nationals, 2005 11th round, Nationals, 2008
    Sam Brown, RHP 7th round, Nationals, 2006 22nd round, Rangers, 2009
    18th round, D'backs, 2008
    22nd round, Rangers, 2009
    Alex Sogard, LHP Undrafted 26th round, D'backs, 2008
    Matt Payne, OF Undrafted 34th round, Pirates, 2008
    Andrew Taylor, LHP Undrafted 34th round, Angels, 2008
    Jeremy Synan, OF Undrafted 42nd round, Marlins, 2008
    Jimmy Gillheeney, LHP Undrafted 8th round, Mariners, 2009
    John Lambert, LHP 37th round, Rangers, 2006
    36th round, Nationals, 2008
    Kyle Rutter, RHP Undrafted 42nd round, Red Sox, 2009
    Russell Wilson, OF 41st round, Orioles, 2007 4th round, Rockies, 2010
    Jake Buchanan, RHP Undrafted 8th round, Astros, 2010
    Dallas Poulk, 2B Undrafted 19th round, Marlins, 2010
    Kyle Wilson, OF 31st round, Cubs 31st round, Cubs, 2008
    24th round, Giants, 2010
    Alex Sogard, LHP 26th round, Diamondbacks, 2008 26th round, Astros, 2010
    Cory Mazzoni 26th round, Nationals 2nd round, Mets, 2011
    Pratt Maynard Undrafted 3rd round, Dodgers
    Harold Riggins 35th round, White Sox 7th round, Rockies
    Brett Williams Undrafted 25th round, Diamondbacks
    John Gianis Undrafted 26th round, Angels
    Rob Chamra Undrafted 34th round, Dodgers
    Chris Diaz Undrafted 11th round, Pirates
    Ryan Mathews Undrafted 27th round, Athletics
    Josh Easley 35th round, Mets, 2010 23rd round, Marlins
    Anthony Tzamtzis 43rd round, Astros, 2009 32nd round, Rays
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