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     Alexa Cotton
    Alexa Cotton

    Raleigh, North Carolina

    High School:

    Small Coed

    All Star Gym:
    Elite Cheer and Dance

    Name: Alexa Cotton

    Place of Birth: Raleigh, NC

    Major at NC State: Biology, concentration human biology

    Why You Chose to Attend NC State: I chose to attend this school because I have always believed that it is one of the best schools in North Carolina. I have always wanted to go here ever since I was younger, and also, it provides the major I want to follow and has wonderful academics.

    Why you chose to be a part of the Cheer program/family at NC State: I chose to be apart of the cheer program at NC State because I have been cheering for about 11 years and it has always been such a big part of my life. It has been one of my dreams for a while to cheer on a college team and especially NC State. The cheer program here at NC State really has a family environment and that is what I have always been used to, and I love it.

    Favorite memory as a cheerleader at NC State: Well this is my first year as a cheerleader at NC State and it has just started, so I have not been able to create many memories yet

    Favorite hobby outside of NC State Cheer: I just really love spending time with my friends. They mean a lot to me and I enjoy every minute with them.

    What you like the most about cheering at NC State: What I think I will like most about cheering at NC State is to be able to cheer at football and basketball games. I think it is going to be so much fun cheering on the field with thousands of fans around me. I also love that I am able to meet new people by participating on the squad.

    What you hope to accomplish here as a student and an athlete when you have graduated: I hope to be able to accomplish my career goal to be a physician's assistant when I graduate. I hope that I make new friends by being an athlete at NC State and that they will become some of my true friend's.

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