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     Emily Hines
    Emily Hines

    Charlotte, North Carolina

    High School:
    Hickory Ridge

    Large Coed

    All Star Gym:

    Name: Emily Hines

    Place of Birth: Charlotte, NC

    Major at NC State: Biology

    Why you chose to attend NC State: I have a lot of family that has attended NC State, so I have been raised to love it. Ever since I was young I knew I wanted to attend NC State; I love the atmosphere and I knew it was where I belong.

    Why you chose to be a part of the Cheer program/family at NC State: I grew up watching the NC State cheerleaders at games when I was younger, and I admired them so much. I used to have my own uniform when I was little that I would wear to games, and I have a picture with one of the cheerleaders. Seeing all of the stuff that the cheerleaders did, I became instantly hooked and determined to be a part of it one day.

    Favorite memory as a cheerleader at NC State: I'm an incoming freshman so I haven't really had all that many memories yet, but I hope to make tons of them in the future.

    Favorite hobby outside of NC State Cheer: Going to the beach and to the lake.

    What you like the most about cheering at NC State: I love how supportive everyone is, and how it is like a big family.

    What you hope to accomplish here as a student and an athlete when you have graduated: As a student and an athlete, I hope that by the time I graduate I will have been a part of something big. I want to be able to make a difference, and look back with no regrets.

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