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     Ashley Knight
    Ashley Knight

    Endwell, New York

    High School:
    Maine Endwell

    Small Coed

    Name: Ashley Knight

    Place of Birth: Endwell, New York

    Major at NC State: Bio-Medical Engineering

    Why you chose to attend NC State: I wanted to attend a school in the south which had a great Cheer program but also reputable in my major. NC State was the perfect match!

    Why you chose to be a part of the Cheer program/family at NC State: I've always idolized the Wolfpack family and wanted to represent NC State through an extraordinary program!

    Favorite memory as a cheerleader at NC State: My first Football game!! It was such a thrill-fulled game played under the lights and was televised on ESPN! I was overwhelmed with excitement!

    Favorite hobby outside of NC State Cheer: Playing Softball/ Working Out

    What you like the most about cheering at NC State: I love representing my school as well as representing such an admirable program and being a part of the "family" at NC State!

    What you hope to accomplish here as a student and an athlete when you have graduated: I hope to be an admirable teammate, demonstrate leadership, show determination in reaching all my goals, and overall success!

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