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     Morgan Reinhard
    Morgan Reinhard

    Raleigh, North Carolina

    High School:
    North Raleigh Christian Academy

    Small Coed

    Name: Morgan Reinhard

    Place of Birth: Raleigh, NC

    Major at NC State: Human Biology

    Why you chose to attend NC State: I chose NC State because it is a great university to be a part of, it is close to family, and even though it is a large school it is not overwhelming

    Why you chose to be a part of the Cheer program/family at NC State: I have always enjoyed cheerleading, I enjoy it as a sport and I want to participate in a sport in college. I also want to cheer for the WolfPack which I have supported for many years.

    Favorite memory as a cheerleader at NC State: this is my first year.

    Favorite hobby outside of NC State Cheer: Sailing

    What you like the most about cheering at NC State: I like the family atmosphere of the team and the positive approach which the coaches use to coach the team.

    What you hope to accomplish here as a student and an athlete when you have graduated: I hope to hold a degree which will get me into a medical school and further my career as a doctor. I hope that being an athlete will allow me the benefit to throughly enjoy all of the aspects of NC State.

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