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     Tanya Verreen
    Tanya Verreen

    Wilmington, North Carolina

    High School:
    New Hanover

    Small Coed

    All Star Gym:
    Wilmington All Stars

    Name: Tanya Verreen

    Place of birth: Wilmington, North Carolina

    Major at NC State: Animal Science

    Why you chose NC State: NC State has a very good veterinary school and I plan to become a veterinarian after college.

    Why you chose to be a part of the cheer program/ family at NC State: I love cheerleading and I have always thought that NC States cheerleading program is amazing so I've always wanted to be a part of the Wolfpack family!

    Favorite memory as a cheerleader at NC State: My favorite memory so far is when we broke up into six groups and had little competitions as team bonding.

    Favorite hobby outside of NC State cheer: Dancing

    What you like most about cheering at NC State: I love how much support the cheerleading team offers, whenever someone is trying a new skill or struggling in any way the rest of the team is always there cheering on their teammates.

    What you hope to accomplish as a student and an athlete when you have graduated: As an athlete at NC State I hope to become the best cheerleader I possibly I can be, and as a student at NC State I hope to make very good grades, get accepted to the veterinary school, and go on to become a very successful veterinarian.

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