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    NC State Compliance Live Chat Transcript

    June 23, 2011

    The NC State compliance office plays a vital role in the success of the Wolfpack athletics program by working to ensure that all student-athletes are eligible for practice, competition and athletically related financial aid, and that each team follows ACC and NCAA rules and regulations. But the compliance staff also puts a strong emphasis on compliance education, not only for those who work in the athletics department, but for fans and donors.

    Associate Athletics Director for Compliance Carrie Doyle traveled to many Wolfpack Club Caravan stops this spring to visit with donors and talk with them about what NC State does to make sure the program maintains its outstanding reputation.

    "I was impressed by some of the questions our fans asked during these meetings," said Doyle. "There aren't black and white answers to many of the most common questions, because so much is determined by specific circumstances, but I think it's great that Wolfpack fans are so interested in following the rules and are so supportive of our efforts."


    Carrie Doyle:  Good afternoon Pack Fans! Welcome to our first compliance live chat. I’ve really enjoyed by first seven months at NC State and have been impressed by the passion and support of our fans. Now, keep those questions coming!!

    Comment From ButchieBoy
    If you had to tell a booster one thing that would help them keep NC State out of trouble, would that be?

    Carrie Doyle:  Don’t provide student-athletes (SAs from here on) with ANYTHING of value or any other type of benefits. This could include providing a loan of money, transportation, meals, clothing ... anything of value.

    Comment From Beth
    Which coaches ask the most questions?

    Carrie Doyle:  I don’t want to call out specific coaches, but I can say that we have about five coaches in our office every day asking questions (different coaches). Some ask more questions than others, but that is usually an indication that they want to run a clean program and do things the right way.

    Comment From RockyMtPack
    If we had a question, how do we get in touch with the compliance staff?

    Carrie Doyle:  There are MULTIPLE ways. First, you can call 1-855-5COMPLY (266759). Or you can text a question to 919.675.4424. Or you can send an email to You can ask a question anonymously if you need to as well.
    You could use these contact numbers to report possible violations as well.

    Comment From PaulPack
    What does your “normal” day look like?



    Carrie Doyle:  There is no ‘normal’ day. It unfolds based upon needs of coaches, SAs and staff. There are normal functions that we try to get through each day and each week, but they have to fit around the issues, problems and concerns that arise. These issues involve interpretations about recruiting, financial aid, eligibility, waivers, violations ... the list is endless (well, it’s actually 420 pages in the NCAA manual!)

    Comment From ButchieD
    How often do you meet with the head coaches? What are some of the topics/concepts you talk with them about?

    Carrie Doyle:  I meet with them during a required monthly head coaches meeting and we talk about everything related to compliance. I try to make it timely and so we might discuss recent infractions cases and the problems other institutions have had and how to avoid them. We also speak with head coaches daily about all the issues we spoke about in the previous question.

    Comment From Chris
    How does the size of our compliance staff compare to others?

    Carrie Doyle:  For the ACC, we’re in the middle of the road. Compared to some other major conferences, it’s smaller. But what we lack in quantity, we make up for in personality.

    Comment From Harold Pack
    Do the student-athletes have separate dining halls from the rest of the student-body?

    Carrie Doyle:  No - all student are permitted to eat where the SAs eat. Most of our SAs eat in the same dining hall based on logistics more than anything.

    Comment From BD
    What are we doing to avoid issues like what is happening @ UNC, Ohio State, etc?

    Carrie Doyle:  It’s about education first - of our student-athletes, staff, coaches, boosters, agents ... anyone affiliated with our university. We try to educate every single day. Then it’s about monitoring as best we can. We can’t see everything, but we have a solid education and monitoring system in place. There are just so many things out of our control - in the end, it comes down to people having integrity and wanting to do the right thing. If people don’t KNOW what the right thing is, they need to ask!

    Our mantra is “ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!”

    Comment From Newbie
    What is your favorite thing about working in compliance?

    Carrie Doyle:  You mean besides live chats?

    It’s the people who we work with every single day. They’re bright, they’re dedicated and they try to keep NC State out of trouble. We try to laugh every single day, although some days it’s easier than others. It’s also great to be part of such a wonderful organization like the Wolfpack family.

    Comment From Joey
    Since you’ve been at NC State, what has been your biggest or most interesting challenge so far as it relates to compliance?

    Carrie Doyle:  The biggest challenge, so far, has been learning the idiosyncrasies of how NC State works and its internal systems and operations. Each school’s internal operations are amazingly different in terms of financial aid, admissions, registrar’s office, etc.

    Another challenge for us is that our coaches and teams are so physically spread out across campus. It’s difficult to have a presence and to touch and communicate with each program and coach in a personal way. That has been a significant challenge.

    Comment From Brian
    What is NCAA policy, NCSU policy, and general practice at all schools regarding communication with recruits on personal phones?

    Carrie Doyle:  The rules apply regardless. A coach or administrator has to follow the rules no matter where they are or what type of equipment they’re using. This applies to emails, cell phones, video conferencing, IPAD, etc. The rules are the rules.

    Comment From Dave O
    What do you think of the situation at UNC?

    Carrie Doyle:  I don’t wish any institution to be in that type of position and that includes our colleagues in blue. The best thing we can do is learn from mistakes that others make. These are teachable moments for everyone in the country, including us. This includes EVERY infractions case - it helps us gain insight into what the committee on infractions is thinking.

    Comment From Jules
    Who is a booster? If you buy tickets to games but don’t give to the Wolfpack Club, are you a booster?

    Carrie Doyle:  You are a booster under any of the following conditions: 1 - you’re a member of any organization that promotes NC State athletics (Wolfpack Club); 2 - you’ve made financial contributions to NC State athletics or an NC State booster organization; 3 - you’ve assisted or been asked to assist in the recruitment of prospects (this, by the way, is not permitted!); 4 - you’ve provided benefits to enrolled students or their families (summer jobs, occasional meals); 5 - you’ve promoted NC State athletics in any way.

    Just buying tickets wouldn’t necessarily make you a booster.

    Comment From Jessie
    Are there any rules about players and recruits and message boards?

    Carrie Doyle:  A booster couldn’t chat with a prospect on a message board. But along those lines, boosters need to be careful about communicating WITH prospects on facebook or twitter or any other social medium. This is NOT permissible.

    Comment From jen
    How many NCAA questions do you get every day?

    Carrie Doyle:  Probably over 75 emails a day from staff, coaches, students, parents, boosters, etc. We try to get an answer to folks within 24-48 hours. We always prefer to put our interpretations in writing via email. We often consult as a staff to make sure that we all understand the issues and agree on the interpretation. Sometimes we can answer in 30 seconds and sometimes it takes a few days of research.

    Comment From Cookie Monster
    Me know a student-athlete being recruited by NC State, how I know what constitute improper benefit if Cookie Monster already have pre-existing relationship with athlete?

    Carrie Doyle:  Good question, Cookie monster. The two main components in evaluating whether a relationship is ‘pre-existing’ or not are that the relationship can’t be based on athletics and has to pre-date the SA’s recruitment by the institution.

    If there is ONE thing that I would want to leave with you today, it would be “ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!” If you have any questions or any doubt about whether what you’re doing is permissible, PLEASE call, text or email. You are an important part of our success. GO PACK!

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