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    Gottfried Quotes: NC State 87, Morehouse 62

    Nov. 2, 2013

    Recap |  Stats

    Opening statement:
    “I thought overall playing two exhibition games helped our team and helped our young guys. Even from the first game to the second, we got a little bit better. I liked our team defensively at times, we were quick. We are learning how to help each other and when to help each other. We need to learn how to communicate better, but at times we done a pretty good job defensively. The question for our team is going to be can we finish the defense with a defensive rebound. We gave up 11 offensive rebounds in the first half. We turned that into three in the second half. We got better as the game went on, but that is going to be the question for our team, ‘Can we rebound with a smaller lineup on the floor?’ I thought we took a step forward and got better. It is time to move forward and get to play real games.”

    On T.J. Warren:
    “I think T.J. can score as well as anybody in the country. He finds ways to score sometimes when it is quiet. He doesn’t take bad shots. Most of the shots he takes are high-percentage shots. He shoots a terrific percentage. I told T.J. after the game, my challenge for him is to become a complete player. Not just an offensive scorer but also a good defender. He is rebounding the ball well and he knows if we play a small lineup he has to be a good rebounder. That’s my charge for him to continue to develop as a complete player.”

    On smaller lineup:
    “When T.J. is the biggest guard, we can be tough to guard on offense. A traditional forward has to guard him and chase him down in the open floor and on the break. The challenge is, are we going to be able to rebound? We have to find ways to pressure the ball better and help in the post better. When we play against really good interior players, how are we going to defend those guys around the basket? There are going to be some challenges for us, but at the same time I think that it’s a good lineup for us.”



    On Cat Barber:
    “I think Cat is going to get better and better by the game. You are going to watch him just keep improving. You are going to watch him just keep getting more confidence. I have said it before, but I would hate for that guy to guard me. If I had the ball, I would never bounce it if he was playing defense on me. I would play ‘hot potato’ and just move it to the next guy. He is learning how to play in a team defensive setting as well as a team defender. He is just getting more comfortable and he is going to continue to improve.”

    On offensive penetration and shooting:
    “I think it helps a lot.  I think Desmond is another guy that can really attack the basket and get to the rim. The officiating is going to be where there is some more fouls called. We saw a little bit of that today. When you have quickness and some guys that can penetrate, hopefully that helps you, because you have some guys that can really get to the rim and the foul line. All those guys are good foul shooters for our team, too. So if we can get to the lane and get to the line, it is going to help our free throw percentage. When we play Tyler and Cat together, sometimes we are going to be at a disadvantage defensively, but hopefully offensively we can gain some of that back with two quick full-court players.”

    On the developing chemistry of the young team:
    “There is so much to learn and you have to learn how to do things when the pressure is on. It is one thing to practice, it is another thing to come out and play. Even if it’s an exhibition game with people in the crowd and it’s a game situation. I’ll yell something at one of those young guys and they will look at me like I am speaking Chinese. It is just something we are working on every day. It just takes a little bit of time for our young players to get comfortable and learn what we are doing offensively. I think with young guys, that it is one of the biggest things you have to deal with. You have to be patient with those guys, and we will be with this group.”

    On TJ becoming more confident in his knowledge of the offense:
    “T.J. is much better in regards of learning our offense. I thought tonight and even in the first exhibition game that he does some things defensively and helping at the right time. He is growing as a player. Last year, he was good at those things. Now he is a little better and he is rebounding. He can be a great rebounder. He’s got great hands, great instincts, he knows how to get the basketball and he is learning. I think he is so much farther along than he was a year ago. He is taking great steps.”

    On Kyle Washington’s outlet passes:
    “We have actually spent a lot of time working on it and to be a really good running team we have got to be able to throw the outlet pass up the floor. I don’t want our guards to be below the foul line, which we do a lot. Sometimes we will get an outlet pass and I was throwing an outlet pass sideways. I want to throw it up the floor. I thought Kyle did a really good job of that. He carried over what has been done in practice and made a couple great passes all the way to half court and one time got a little farther. Our guards have to do a good job of getting open. I liked the fact that he directly tried to apply the things we are doing in practice each day and he did a very good job with it. Hopefully he can continue that.”

    On playing a 2-3 defense:
    “First half, I liked it a lot and I think we need our zone defense. We have to be able to play an aggressive, quick matchup zone defense. It can’t be passive. It can’t be one of those zones where there are a lot of holes in it. We can cover a lot of ground when we are moving quickly. Second half, we went to it, and we were not as committed to it. That is something we need to get better at because we really need to play zone at times with this team. That is going to be something our team has to believe in defensively. We may find ourselves in foul trouble and we don’t have a lot of depth so we are going to have to hide some things at times. It will be good for us if we can really get good at it.”

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