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    Q and A: BeeJay Anya
    BeeJay Anya has energized the PNC Arena crowds with blocked shots and dunks.
    BeeJay Anya has energized the PNC Arena crowds with blocked shots and dunks.

    Jan. 5, 2014

    Why did you choose to attend NC State?
    I came here because of the tradition and because there were a lot of great players from my high school, DeMatha, who went to NC State. I thought it was a good fit for me and the coaching staff is great.

    After one semester of college, what has been your favorite class at NC State?
    Public speaking. I like talking to people. Public speaking was the best class I took in the first semester.

    Your parents are natives of Nigeria. Do you observe any Nigerian customs in your family?
    Not really. We're very Americanized. My sister is 22 and she's been here her whole life. Sometimes though we have a traditional Nigerian meal. And when we do, it's good.

    You played for the U17 Team USA team. What was that experience like?
    It was great. It felt great playing for something bigger than myself. I was playing for an entire nation. We went out there and played some great teams and were coached by the greatest coaches at the high school level. It was a great honor. We won the gold medal and stood on the podium and it was a great feeling. It was one of the best moments of my life.

    What are some things you enjoy away from the basketball court?
    I like doing regular kid stuff. I like playing games, hanging out with my friends and listening to music. I love music. I like hip hop, but since I've moved to North Carolina, I'm liking some country now. There are a few songs here and there. Lennard (Freeman) and I, coming down here from DC, we've been exposed to some different things. We've really enjoyed it.

    What have been some of your favorite moments with the team so far this season?
    For me, when we went to Tennessee and beat them. Tennessee is a very, very good team and we played a great all-around game. We went into a hostile territory and got the win.

    Between a slam dunk, or a blocked shot, which do you like better?
    That's hard (laughs). If it's on somebody, I'd say a dunk. But if I can send a shot into the eighth row, that's a good block.



    You've been known to give the Mutombo finger wag after blocks. Have you always done that?
    I did that in high school, and have definitely given that to a few people. Dikembe Mutombo was one of the guys I looked up to when I was growing up. He went to Georgetown, which is right near where I'm from in DC. He used to do that all the time and it grew on me. But Coach Gottfried said I can't do it anymore because I don't want to get a technical foul.

    What are some areas you hope to improve as a player moving forward?
    I need to continue getting into better shape. I've come along way already. I've been working with Coach (Bob) Alejo every day. If I continue doing that, I'll be able to be on the court longer and be able to be more effective on the court. I'm getting there. Every day I'm going to continue to get better.

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