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    NC State-Miami coaches quotes

    January 19, 2008


    NC State Coach Sidney Lowe

    “This was a game we needed to play well and get this win. We came out with great energy and focus. We executed our defense at the right time like we needed to and got stops.”


    “Today’s game was about heart and toughness. We knew they played physical, and I told our guys that the most physical team wins the game and we needed to be active. We were able to throw the last punch and that was great.”


    “Javi [Gonzalez] was poised and he was controlling the game. He knew when to push and when to pull back. He played great in a tough situation.”


    “We knew they had no timeouts and we didn’t want them to get the ball inbounds fast. Gavin was able to make the read and steal the ball, and I give him credit for that.”


    On why he put in both Hickson and McCauley: “Size, strength, and rebounding. I knew Ben could fight in there and get the rebounds, and I also knew he would be able to execute if we got him inside.”


    “[Jack McClinton] was a tough match. He tried to get any open shot he could, and we had to put a fresh body on him, and that’s why we put Gavin on him. He did a good job at the right time and forced McClinton to pass the ball.”



    Miami Coach Frank Haith

    “I thought it was a real hard-fought game, a tough game.  Our kids really played their hearts out in the second half.  We had some plays that didn’t go our way, especially at the end of regulation and at the end of overtime. It’s always tough on the road.”


    “We wanted to get the ball inside against them. That was our game plan. I thought our inside guys did a really good job of attacking their bigs and getting the ball into the post.”


    “[NC State] made some big plays, some big shots. Fells hit a huge three and made a couple of big plays. Give them credit.  McCauley made a big play, a bang-bang play where they called the foul and he went to the line. I thought it was close, but you’re not going to get those calls on the road.”



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