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    Gottfried Summer Press Conference Recap
    Mark Gottfried
    Mark Gottfried

    July 25, 2012

    RALEIGH, N.C. - NC State men's basketball coach Mark Gottfried sat down with the media on Tuesday to talk about the Wolfpack's summer workouts and to preview the squad's upcoming trip to Spain.

    Gottfried spent the 30-minute session with the print media discussing a variety of topics from updating guard Lorenzo Brown's rehab from knee surgery earlier this summer to what he's seen from his returning players and the newcomers.

    Here are a few of Gottfried's comments from Tuesday's press conference.

    Opening comments

    "It's been a different summer in that we've been allowed to have what we're referring to as our summer `access' to our current players on our roster. Having two hours week on the floor and you can break that up into a lot of different ways, that's your choice, those two hours have really good. I think coaches around the country like it. I certainly like it. I like the fact we've able to get on the court and work with our guys. So that has made the summer different for everybody."

    On going to Spain

    "We're very excited about.  It's something we hope helps our team throughout the year. It gives us a head start.  Gives us an opportunity to put some things in this summer. I think this group will benefit from the practices and the games."

    On the progress of Lorenzo Brown

    "Yesterday, he did a more little more in practice. Doing dummy drills, cutting, moving. He's not anywhere near a 100 percent. He's shooting a lot. We've not put him any live drills yet. I'm not sure we will throughout this trip. My initial thought is to be really conservative with him. Take our time. If that means he doesn't play in Spain that's fine with me."

    On outside expectations on his team for the coming season

    "I haven't said a lot about any expectations because its something we can't control.  I know exactly where we are. The expectations are probably farther ahead of than the reality of where we truly are. We had a great run at the end of the year and our guys should feel good about that run. But we also lost 13 games. We finished 9-7 in the league. We've got to take that next step, which we haven't done yet. I'm excited about our team's potential, but I'm not into or caught up in where others think our team might be. It's dangerous to get into all that."

    On the improvement of center Jordan Vandenberg

    "Jordan Vandenberg is a key for us. He's worked hard this summer. He's done a good job with his body. His conditioning is better. He's got to become a good player for us this year inside."

    On the continued progress of C.J. Leslie

    "I think for Calvin, the tell-tale sign is going to be how good a leader he can become. Which goes along with his maturity level. Understanding that this team responds to him. They follow his lead and he has to accept that and how do you handle that.  Where he's made great strides, in my opinion, is in his practice habits. I thought early last year his practice were very poor. He didn't understand how to work hard in every drill. I think he's improved that way. He's gotten better this summer. When he last year finally understood that there were results when he practicing hard and it carried into games that's when he took a step and got better. Now he's got to do that over and over again and more consistently. I think he'll have the chance to really improve."

    On the talent of Rodney Purvis

    "I think one word if you could use to describe Rodney is the attack word. He is great in transition. If I was guarding him myself, I would be worried that he's going to run me over and dunk on my head because he's coming 100 miles per hour. "

    On Tyler Lewis' passing abilities

    "He's as good of an open-floor passer or passer in any aspect as I've had. I had Mo Williams (at Alabama), who's done a nice job in the NBA, and Tyler's ability to pass the ball is as good as anybody I've ever had."

    On the 2012-13 schedule

    "I like our schedule. I think our schedule is going to be a pretty good. Pretty tough.  Staying with that same philosophy, you're trying to find some BCS-type games that are attractive and that are going to be good games. Also you're trying to find some opponents and nobody has a crystal ball, but you're trying to project is this a 20-team which will help our RPI."

    To watch a replay of Coach Gottfried's complete press conference, click here.










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