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    Pack In Spain: Homeward Bound
    On the crowded bus from the terminal to the plane.
    On the crowded bus from the terminal to the plane.

    Aug. 14, 2012

    Tuesday was a long day of travel for the Pack-In-Spain group. The group had to be up and going because of a 9:55 a.m. flight from the Canary Islands back to Madrid.

    Even with translators working with us at the ticketing counter, it was still a challenge getting a travel party of 60-plus people and their bags, plus all our equipment bags, checked for a flight. 

    It took nearly an hour to complete the process, but once that was done, it was off to security, which was a quick process. Then the whole thing came to a grinding halt. The inbound flight from Madrid was delayed, which put our flight behind schedule. Fortunately, the wait was only an hour, but the group's arrival in Madrid was pushed back to around 3 p.m., instead of 1 p.m., as originally planned. Thankfully, there wasn't a connecting flight that we needed to make.  While waiting, most of the players caught up on their sleep, while others browsed through the terminal shops or grabbed a cup of coffee.

    Once on the ground, it was a bus ride from the plane to the baggage claim where there was a wait for the bags due to the distance from the plane to the luggage carousel. Then it was out to the bus to load them on again.

    The commute to the hotel was as quick as Tuesday's hotel was located minutes from the Madrid airport in anticipation of another early morning departure.

    It was one final meal in Madrid for the group at Tres Mares Restorante. The menu featured items like clams, shrimp and assorted fish in addition to steak. Suffice to say the group was stuffed. If there's one thing about the Spanish, they definitely know how to eat. When it's a large group, the food just keeps coming. The appetizers are as good as the main course and portions are served family style so there's enough to go around.

    The Wolfpack had a great time in Spain. We got to see the beauty of this country, its culture and its people. The team improved with the competition during the games, and gained great experience.

    Wednesday, it'll be time to board the flight back to Charlotte and eventually back to Raleigh.  






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