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    ACC Media Day Coverage
    Head coach Mark Gottfried addresses the media at ACC Operation Basketball in Charlotte.
    Head coach Mark Gottfried addresses the media at ACC Operation Basketball in Charlotte.

    Oct. 17, 2013

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    PRESS CONFERENCE QUOTES Gottfried Press Conference | Player Press Conference

    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Coach Gottfried's interview with 99.9 The Fan.

    In addition to TV segments with ESPN and FOX Sports, radio segments with SiriusXM and ESPN Radio, commercials and promos and local radio interviews, Coach Gottfried spent 90 minutes with local print media. Below is a sample of quotes from his print media roundtable:

    On team bonding:
    "I don't know if it does. When you recruit a guy there is a little more of a bond, although I felt last year with our group of guys over a two-year period they had a pretty strong bond with those guys we inherited. They bought in to what we were trying to do. I don't know if there was a difference in that regard. With us, we have a young group right now that is really eager, very willing, very excited about practicing everyday. They know there is a lot to learn and there is a much different feel in that regard having a bunch of younger players than last year."

    On team's excitement for Friday's Primetime With The Pack:
    "I'm excited. Our players are excited. Military Appreciation Night is always great to involve our military. Hopefully, the government shutdown will end so we can involve them more. We have a road block with that."

    On learning something from last year:
    "I think you learn something all the time and our team last year, we wanted to finish better than we did and we didn't do that. You're always self-reflecting and self-evaluating yourself as a coach. Something I do every year. I think we always go home and say, `Looking back I could've done that better, we did pretty good with this. That decision we made wasn't the right decision.' That's just part of what we do. I think that's part of life. You're always in a place where you want to learn and the longer you're in coaching the more experience you're going to draw from, because you have teams similar to ones you've had in the past. You do the best you can."

    On recruiting T.J. Warren:
    "I can remember Julius Hodge telling me that out of all the young guys, T.J. was one that I needed to keep my eye on more than anybody. It only took about a day or two of watching him. His ability to score the basketball was evident from the first time I saw him play at the LeBron camp in Akron, Ohio. I guess he led the camp in scoring because I didn't see anybody score as much as he did."

    Did Tony Sr. (TJ's father and a former NC State player) make you work?
    "Everybody makes you work a little bit, but deep down I always felt like he liked NC State and wanted to come here especially since his dad played here. He took other visits and visited some other schools."

    How's C.J. Leslie doing?
    "C.J. is with the Knicks and has a partially-guaranteed contract, so hopefully he can survive and hang in there. He's played in some exhibition games and he's in the hunt."

    How do you replace all the scoring you lost from last season?
    "It's a lot to replace. I think the number is 78 percent of our scoring, which is a lot. I think what it does is give other players an opportunity to step up. We've been a very balanced scoring team for two years, but I'm not sure if that's the case this year. We have a guy in T.J. Warren who is prolific scoring the ball, but we've got to get some points from other places. It's a completely different situation this year, than in past years."

    Who else are you looking to step up around T.J.?
    "I think it's a little of everybody to be honest. I think Tyler Lewis, Cat Barber and Desmond Lee are guys who can score the basketball and Ralston Turner sat out a year ago and he's a guy who was a double-digit scorer in the SEC so he's proven that he can do it. For us, the mystery is how we're going to score inside. We don't have a proven scorer inside so that's a big question for us."

    How has Jordan Vandenberg been so far?
    "Jordan has been terrific. He's in the best position to have a good year that he's ever been in. He's lost 45 pounds and is down to 240. I think he was 286 when the season ended, so physically he has put himself in a good position. One thing he can do is run and he's done a good job of it."



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