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    It's About the Process: Q&A With Men's Basketball Coach Mark Gottfried
    Mark Gottfried
    Mark Gottfried

    Oct. 20, 2012 caught up with NC State men's basketball coach Mark Gottfried after Saturday's practice to discuss a variety of topics from the Wolfpack's preseason preparations for its Nov. 9 season opener versus Miami of Ohio. Have the practices for your Spanish exhibition tour helped with your practices now?

    Mark Gottfried: "We're farther along than we were a year ago at this time because we had last year under our belts and the summer opportunity. Our guys had five great days (of practice) and then we hit the wall. I think we're coming back a little bit now. Today was really good and they competed hard.  For us, we've got to get the young guys and those who haven't played a lot like Jordan (Vandenberg) and Thomas (de Thaey) to blend in with those other four (returning starters Lorenzo Brown, Richard Howell, C.J. Leslie and Scott Wood)." Has it been a challenge to get intensity going for practice?

    Gottfried: "They are competing hard everyday and that's going to make us better.  We talk about the process of trying to become a great team and it's a process and going take time. It takes attention to every drill of every day. We're not interested in taking any drill off. It has to be the absolute best effort on every drill and that's where our focus has been." How have your four returning starters shown their leadership?

    Gottfried: "I think the leadership has been good, but I want it to be better. They can be more verbal. They also need to understand that leadership isn't always verbal communication. Sometimes it's your example, which has been good. I just want it to be better. Every day. Every drill.  As four guys who have played, [they] have to lead by example from start to finish in every second of every day."


  Your message throughout this preseason has been focusing on "the process." Talk about you what you mean by the process?

    Gottfried: "Our team has been getting a lot of attention and you can easily get ahead of yourself. For us to become a great program - which we're not yet, we are not there; regardless of how everybody thinks we are, we're are not there - it's a process to become that, so it's something we're going work on everyday."



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