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    Chuck Amato Quotes From Signing Day Press Conference
    Football coach Chuck Amato
    Football coach Chuck Amato

    Feb. 7, 2002

    Read some of the comments made by NC State football coach Chuck Amato during his recruiting press conference on Wednesday, February 6. The Wolfpack signed 24 student-athletes on the first day of the national signing period.

    Opening statement: "The [coaching] staff is what does it. It was a great job. Like everything else in life, it was a lot of hard work. We really feel that we met a lot of our needs. In the last 10 or 12 (recruits), it was us versus the top 10 in America. We were swimming in the right waters, we just didn't get enough bites. We've got a lot of character in this class and we've got a lot of talent. But you know what? Who knows what they're going to be like a year from now, two years from now or three years from now. You can't say how they're going to be. There's a lot of potential there and we're just excited as we can be about what we have."

    On signing Northern Durham cornerback A.J. Davis: "I don't get discouraged easily. Obviously, you get discouraged when someone says they're going to go to another school, but that doesn't mean recruiting is over. That doesn't stop the recruiting. We lost an awful lot of people to the number one team in the country and some of the top five teams in the country who had committed to us. But that's recruiting. It's not over until they sign their name on the line. What turned it around? I have no idea. We had a great conversation last night (Tuesday). I was on my knees when I sang this ("Return to Me") last night. We're fortunate. Here's a two-sport young man that's got so many great goals for himself athletically and academically. It's just great to have him wearing the red and white from NC State and representing this great university."

    On signing 10 players from the state of Florida "We signed quite a few young men from down there. Again, there are just so many players down there. The numbers and the population are just so great and the number of young men who play high school football down there is so great. Nobody can take all of them. The University of Miami signed eight or 13 young men from the two county area, and we were in on a lot of those youngsters. Now we're getting a little credibility by bringing people up here from there. I like that, but there were a bunch in this state that we would have loved to have had. We were in the final two with a lot of them. Coming in second in recruiting isn't really that important."

    On going head to head with some of the top football powers in the nation "If we want to get where we want to go, if we want to beat them on the field, we better beat them off the field. We might as well swim in dangerous waters to recruit. You take a gamble. I've got a bunch of great recruiters. I've got guys that are persistent, that have a lot of attention to detail. You know what I told our staff a week and a half ago? I said, 'men, do not manufacture any prospects these last two weeks because there will be another one next year just as good and you might have a better chance then.'"

    On the re-recruitment of Tramain Hall "He's got to get his Associates Degree and he's on track to do that. Hopefully he'll be here in the fall when he finishes that up. What a great story it is to a young man who has been through so much and could have gone to any other conference in America, and with an A-A degree, could have been eligible to play football next year. But he chose to come back here and sit out. That means there's two years he hasn't played major college football. He could go anywhere and let me tell, you they went after him. And in doing so, they went after us. You talk about character and love for an area and a school that he spent one semester and only practices at, to come back is something. That's one that we will always cherish because when you really get to know that youngster, he's really a neat young man."

    On hiring a new defensive coordinator and line coach "This media conference is for recruiting. I will address the staff part of it at a later date. Now that recruiting is over, I will turn my efforts to filling those positions."

    On signing Albemarle running back T.A. McLendon: "I think he's got all the tools. You hate to put pressure on the young man, but anybody that scores the number of touchdowns he has is pretty good. What did he score, 170 touchdowns in his career? And I bet you in the games he played, he didn't play more than two-thirds of them. I don't care what class you play in. Herschel Walker didn't play in the largest classification out of the state of Georgia. I don't mean to be making any comparisons to him, but [T.A.] is so talented. He's big, he's strong and he's fast. And you talk about character. He's done everything to make himself academically eligible. He's got great work ethic. That's all we can ask of him."



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