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    Getting to Know: New Offensive Coordinator Dana Bible


    RALEIGH, N.C. -- Being a college coordinator these days is like being a regular at “Cheers,” that fictional Boston watering hole – everybody knows your name. That doesn’t bother new NC State offensive coordinator Dana Bible, who returns to the Wolfpack 22 years after he was a member of Tom Reed’s staff from 1983-85.

    That stint with the Wolfpack was the second phase of Bible’s coaching career. He spent five seasons in the 1970s working as an assistant coach at his alma mater, the University of Cincinnati, then went into private business for one year. He returned to coaching in 1981, as an assistant to Tom Reed at Miami (Ohio). He came to NC State as part of Reed’s staff in 1983, working under offensive coordinator Tom Landsittel as the Wolfpack’s quarterbacks and wide receivers coach. He coached two of the most successful passers in school history to that point, Tim Esposito and Erik Kramer, as well as Jeffires, a record-setting predecessor of Torry Holt.

    After Reed left NC State following the 1985 season, Bible went to San Diego State and had coaching stints at Miami (Ohio) again, the Cincinnati Bengals, the University of Cincinnati and the Philadelphia Eagles. Bible, a Cincinnati native who graduated from the same high school as new Wolfpack coach Tom O’Brien (St. Xavier’s High School), joined O’Brien at Boston College in 1999. Bible recently shared some of his thoughts about returning to Raleigh as O’Brien’s offensive coordinator.

    Q: You spent three years at NC State in the 1980s. What do you recall about those days here with Tom Reed?

    Bible: I know it was hard leaving here in 1985. Haywood Jeffires, Danny Peebles and Nasrallah Worthen were our receivers. I really thought something good was about to happen here. It was tough to leave, but it’s great to come back. I am really excited about the opportunity. I am excited about what Coach is bringing here. I think a lot has changed, but most of what was really good here in the 1980s is still intact.

    Q: What was it like for you in September, when you came back to Carter-Finley Stadium with Boston College?

    Bible: I hadn’t been in or at the stadium since 1985, for whatever reason. So when we came around the bend on I-40 and pulled into the area, there wasn’t anybody more wide-eyed than me. I remember what it used to be and what it used to look like. When I came out of the dressing room, out into the stadium, that was me that you heard saying ‘Oh, my goodness.’ It was impressive. It got our attention. Obviously, we are looking forward to that working for us and being a part of it.

    Q: What about the Murphy Center? Your offices back then were in the Weisiger-Brown Building on campus.

    Bible: We had heard about it and seen pictures of it. You can’t give it the credit it deserves. It certainly hasn’t disappointed. It’s impressive.

    Q: What kind of offense is Dana Bible going to bring to NC State?

    Bible: First off, it’s not Dana Bible’s offense. It’s NC State’s offense. It’s a product of the head coach, the offensive coaches and the players. We put our players in position to do what they do well. We are going to work hard to work to the strength of our players. That is what we did at Boston College and that is what I have done at every place I have been. I learned along the way that what you might want to be and what you can be might be two different things. We are always going to play to what our players can do. We will play to our strengths.

    Q: Were you eager to come back, when Coach O’Brien got this job?

    Bible: When he was offered the job and he offered me the opportunity to come with him that was an easy decision. I had to visit with my wife, of course. But we had the advantage of having been here before. It was not a hard sell. We knew what a great area this is and what a great university this is. It was easy to say yes.

    Q: Do you know much about the offensive personnel here?

    Bible: I am learning about it. I saw them on the field when we were here, but to actually study them, that is the process we are going through right now. Trust me, it’s really early in the process right now. I knew who Andre Brown and Toney Baker were from our defense at Boston College informing us of these tailbacks NC State had. I learned about them as time went on.

    Q: When you were here before, it was a time when few people talked about offensive coordinators. That’s changed significantly. Now everyone knows who the coordinators are and they can catch heat every now and then.

    Bible: I am not sure when that change happened. It used to be that you were just tied into the staff. I think that is product of several offensive coordinators becoming successful head coaches. That has brought the coordinator positions more to the forefront. I don’t think the job has changed any more. I don’t think the pressure has changed. I don’t think the expectations have changed. I know what I have to do and I know what we have to do to be successful. Whether fans know my name or what I look like is not an issue.

    Q: You work for a guy who came from the offensive side of things. Talk about the interaction with him in the offense.

    Bible: Coach is a real positive for us. It’s a real positive thing for me because of his background and his success in a similar position. I use him as a resource. He is really gifted and tremendously talented. He comes up with a lot of great answers in times when I am stumped. It’s been eight years worth of a really good relationship.

    Q: Besides temperature, what is the immediate difference you notice between here and Boston?

    Bible: In Boston, it is a major metropolitan area. The size and the scale are different. So it is a little bit quicker to get around here than in Boston. That’s the first thing. It is a major metropolitan area. Raleigh is a city with great energy and is really progressive. That is what I feel here. It is very positive. You feel that around here.

    Q: Where did you live before when you were here?

    Bible: We lived in Cary. A couple of weeks ago, I drove over to the area where we used to live and I missed the road completely. It just didn’t look the same.

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