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    Creecy's Pieces, Installment 1
    Tony Creecy working out in the Murphy Center.
    Tony Creecy working out in the Murphy Center.
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    May 14, 2012

    Raleigh, N.C. -

    All summer, red-shirt sophomore running back Tony Creecy is going to allow to have an inside look into his mental and physical preparations for the upcoming season, his thoughts on the team, and what he's doing when he's not in class or in the Murphy Center.

    I'm feeling good because exams are over! This has been the most stressful time. I had one exam where I had 10 different essays and I had to write two pages for each of those essays. Then I had accounting, which is always a tough course. Those two exams together were tough. This year was the most stressful yet. I have always taken academics serious, but I've been putting in more time the further I get because of the rigorous football schedule. I've learned that I've had to put in more time in certain classes and how to handle the crazy schedule a little better.

    I'm really looking forward to this upcoming season. I think I did well last year. The year I red-shirted was really hard. I had started every year since I started playing football, but red-shirting was the best thing that ever happened to me. It gave me a year to get stronger, better, and to practice against the first team defense - against Nate Irving, Terrell Manning, Earl Wolff. That actually got me better for this year. The first couple of games I was down, but my support system - family, friends - kept me level-headed and I was OK.

    I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. My last high school game, I got hurt and I was on crutches for four months. I wasn't doing anything - I couldn't run, I barely could walk without my crutches. I picked up weight because of that, then when I got to school I was introduced to three free meals a day and I picked up some more weight. I was huge! I was like 228 and I want to be where I am now: 205. I had never in my life been that heavy. I looked different, I felt different. I was moving different. I will never get that big ever again.

    The new strength & conditioning program is awesome. It's taken my body to places it's never been. Coach Ed [Strength & Conditioning Director Corey Edmond] has taken us where we need to be. He pushes our bodies to the limit. When I leave out of there, I'm always drenched with sweat; I'm always sore. The weight room is a place where I want to go because I know I can get better. My body has taken that to the extreme. I've worked hard, put on good weight and move so much better with it. He's got me so much more explosive and everything is better overall.

    I will never forget the pushing cart. He put 10 45-pound plates on that and pushed it towards us for resistence and we had to push it like 40 yards through the weightroom. That had my legs burning so bad, but I know it will help me. It's for knee drives, keeping my body position at the correct angle. He does things that are specifically for your position that are going to get you better.

    Playing it and teaching it are two different things - he played and he knows it and loves it. He comes in there with the same intensity every day and I've yet to see him have a down day. He gets us excited about doing things. Some days we go out and it's a drag, but when he lines us up, there is an energy. He helps bring out intensity out of everybody.

    The transition to Coach Kitchings is going well too. It's my third running back coach in three years, but Coach O'Brien has gotten guys that help us. Coach Swepson was of course a great coach, Coach Sands was a great coach and Coach Kitchings is a great coach. He's getting us where we need to be. He's young, but I really don't care. I would take coaching from a kid if Coach O'Brien hired him because I know he's not going to hire anybody that can't help me get better. Coach Kitchings, he looks young, but he has fire. He looks like he's real nice, but when he gets fired up, he can light you up.

    Now that exams are over, I'm going to spend some time at home. I always take a bunch of the guys with me - Rashard Smith, Quintin Payton, Tobais, Dontae, Rickey Dowdy. My mom passed away when I was a freshman in high school, but my Dad's girlfriend is great. She cooks for all of us. We play NCAA Football 2012 all day long, for four or five hours. Then we go outside and train with some of my friends who play at Wake Forest and some other schools. We wake up, eat, work out, play football, eat and play video games.

    This past weekend, I'm went to my older sister Jeskell's graduation from Winston-Salem.

    I'm excited about this summer and I'm excited about football. But I have to admit that another thing I get really excited about is shoes. I know this is kinda off topic, but in the next two months, there are a lot of shoes coming out that I really want. Outside of football, outside of school, I'm a nicely dressed guy and it has to start with the shoes. My favorite pair are the Kevin Durant Black History Month shoes - that's my top shoe. I have at least 60 pairs. When I have a son one day, I want to give the whole collection to him.



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