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    NC State Quotes From ACC Kickoff
    Maddox says the NC State defense has a lot of speed.
    Maddox says the NC State defense has a lot of speed.

    July 28, 2003

    Philip Rivers, senior, quarterback

    "Sometimes I feel like I've been here a long time. Sometimes I kid the strength coaches by saying, 'I guarantee I can tell you exactly what we're doing today.' Then again, I feel like it's flown by. This is my last summer to get ready for a season, and this is my last go-around. I'm just excited about my last year, and I'm going to make the best of it."

    "I feel like I've made great strides these last three years, even though statistics-wise it might not show. There are plenty of little things that you can do to get better as a quarterback that the average fan doesn't see, from footwork to knowing where your fourth receiver is ... and that can be the difference between having a great season and having a mediocre season."

    "I'm just going to focus on team goals, which is winning a conference championship and taking it one game at a time. If those individual awards come along with it, then that certainly would be a great honor ... You certainly think about it and you know about it, and you think about all the great quarterbacks that have been in the conference and at NC State, but if we do as a team what we're supposed to do, and if I'm fortunate enough to stay healthy like I have been, then those things should take care of themselves."

    "I don't like to look over teams, but I like to look forward to big games, and (playing at Ohio State) is definitely going to be one. It's not every day you get to play the national champion on national TV, so I'm looking forward to it."

    Andre Maddox, Junior, Roverback

    "Our defense has a lot of speed, and we have a lot of young guys returning, but we lost D'Antonio Burnette, Terrence Holt and the front four. Collectively, as a group, we're going to have to step up to help fill those guys' shoes to make this defense successful."

    "I'm a Miami native, so with Miami coming into the conference, I'm very excited. Also, with Virginia Tech, both of the teams are usually in the top 10 every year. I think it will be good for the ACC and good for football."


    "(Philip Rivers) will own probably every record at NC State and maybe half or more of the records in the conference if, God willing, he stays healthy. But I think he would say, 'You can have 'em all, I'll throw for 500 yards and rush for another 10 touchdowns,' which people forgot last year. And T.A. (McLendon) can rush for 5,000, as long as we win all of the games, because that's Philip."

    "If you take from tight end to tackle, that's six players, we lost three of those. And they're all going to be vying for jobs in the (NFL). How do you replace them? They're the reason, they open up holes, it's won up front. If the chemistry of the new offensive line can come in with a new line coach and everything else and do their job, then T.A. can be something special."

    "Florida State is the team we're chasing ... They played in a bowl game last year, the Sugar Bowl against the University of Georgia who was the Southeast Conference champion, with a third-string quarterback, and third-string tailback, a second-string center, a second-string guard, a walk-on at defensive tackle, a defensive end moved to defensive tackle, and they came within two dropped passes of beating Georgia in the Sugar Bowl and having another double-digit win season. If you call that slipping, then we are a long, long way. It's the quality depth that they have. Our top 22 are getting closer and closer to Florida State's, but from 23 to 85, that's the difference."



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