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    Quotes from Friday's Scrimmage
    Philip Rivers and the Pack offense were sharp during Friday's scrimmage.
    Philip Rivers and the Pack offense were sharp during Friday's scrimmage.

    Aug. 15, 2003

    Post Scrimmage Quotes

    Chuck Amato

    "There were a lot of silly penalties like jumping off sides. The ball was on the ground on the quarterback-center exchange, things that will kill you. We dropped some passes. In our offense, if we drop passes we might as well go to the wishbone. We had the first offense against the second defense and the first defense against the second offense and the ones did basically what they should have done.

    "The first offense's first drive was 10 plays for 70 yards and a touchdown. The second time it was the same thing with a penalty in there that put them in a long, long situation. Then Jay Davis took the first offense at the beginning of the second half and led them down the field for a score.

    On the goal line today, the defense got the best of the offense. It's just an attitude down there.

    "I was pleased with some of the young kids. Tramain [Hall] made some big plays. Richard Washington continues to do some good things. [Brian] Clark is a big receiver who is tough to bring down.

    "Defensively I was pleased with the way they pursued. We tried some field goals and our kickers have got to get more consistent. They've got to make field goals. They just can't have the distance and it's off to the right or to the left. We don't need that. They've got to get it through the uprights because we need all the points we can get."

    On Injuries

    "T.A. [McLendon] got whacked. He's got a little bit of a headache. [Chris] Colmer has something wrong with his bicep. It's a little bit numb in there and they don't know what it is. There's nothing in the neck or anything like that. He's had it for a couple of days and I guess he really got kicked on it or something. Those are the only two that didn't finish the scrimmage."

    Talks about the return of running back Cotra Jackson

    "Cotra has had a good summer practice. I mentioned to the squad this morning, he has practice harder in these 12 practices than ever before. He's possessed, he really is. He's looked good. I'm pleased for him and I'm pleased for us. That's a big lift right there. He was determined from the get go to get back."

    Quarterback Philip Rivers talks about the crispness of the passing game in the scrimmage

    "I'm pleased with it, I really am. From what I know we didn't have any wrong routes or busts. With what we have with the wide receivers, they're going to different positions at different times. They send four wides into the huddle and they've got to know who's where. A lot of them can be in different places, so it's key for them to know the whole package. It shows that the summer paid off. We worked on a lot of the stuff we're doing during the summer."

    Talks about the emergence of WR Brian Clark

    "He's a big receiver. Big receivers that can run are a big plus. I don't want to show favoritism, but a big receiver is always an easier target. It gives a little leeway and you don't have to throw a perfect ball all the time. I tell you, he's a very unselfish guy and he learns from older people. He's modeled himself after Jerricho [Cotchery] with the way he works. He'll be big playmaker for us."



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