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    Football Preseason Diary, Day 10
    Quarterback coach Mike Canales guides Philip Rivers through individual drills on Thursday.
    Quarterback coach Mike Canales guides Philip Rivers through individual drills on Thursday.

    Aug. 16, 2001

    Three weeks from tonight. Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday we were climbing off that plane after the bowl game and now its about time to crank up again.

    The practices are getting longer and more intense. This morning, it was well after 11 when the last guy left the field and they get out there before 8:30. The practice ended with a period of goalline work, which is one of my favorite parts of practice. When you're standing right at the goalline watching those big fellas go nose to nose, you realize just how physical this game is. I won't mention which side of the line of scrimmage dominated this morning, because I have a feeling the other side will be fired up for tonight's practice.

    Now it's 9:15 and I'm just coming in from session two. Tonight was much more competitive according to the head coach, so I guess I won't tell you which side dominated this morning. I missed a lot of practice because I was too busy running people out of the bushes. Come on people - practices are closed!!!

    I'm by no means an expert, but all of our wide receivers look like they're catching the ball well. Plus tight ends Willie Wright, Joe Gray and Andy Vanderveer caught some tough passes today. Brian Williams had a great pass breakup in 11-on-11 drills as well.

    They are finishing up with agilities instead of gassers tonight. This is when there are different stations around the field and the guys have to do agility drills. My favorite is one when they stand on the sideline and just dive belly-first onto the ground. It's pretty wild to watch those big linemen slam their bodies into the turf!

    Coach Amato complimented Austin Herbert and Adam Kiker tonight on the job they've done on kickoffs. He is very focussed on getting our special teams better, which is why we'll have a kicking scrimmage on Saturday morning.

    Well, I guess I'm lucky. I get to leave now and go home, while the players and coaches have more meetings tonight and then start earlier than I do in the morning. By the time I get to the field at 8:20 or so, they've already been up for a couple of hours.



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