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    Football Preseason Diary, Day 16
    Willie Wright has become popular with the media, as well as with his quarterback.
    Willie Wright has become popular with the media, as well as with his quarterback.

    Aug. 22, 2001

    Every day my to-do list gets longer and the number of items on it that I've checked off at the end of the day gets smaller. I'm really looking forward to that first Thursday night game now - not just because I want to see our team going against someone else besides themselves, but because a Thursday night game means I get a Saturday off!

    Willie Wright came in the office to do an interview today - he's quickly become one of the most popular targets of the media, as well as his quarterbacks. Have I ever told you how much Willie loves "The Rock" - that wrestler guy? His nickname is "The Rock" and don't EVER try to call him on Monday night when wrestling is on or you will get nothing but voice mail!

    Levar Fisher (who was named to another preseason All-America team yesterday) came by the office today as well. Levar is a very interesting guy. People see the ferocious guy on the field and see the crazy guy picking on his teammates and coaches at practice. But Levar can be a pretty serious person when you run into him when he's going about his daily business. He's always been a good student and when he's focussed on something, I think a bomb could go off next to him and he wouldn't notice. He attacks everything with the single-mindedness that he attacks ballcarriers with.

    With classes started, the players are starting to get into the routine that they'll follow through the whole season. Today they went out in shirts and shells (shorts and shoulder pads). It's nice that there aren't that many guys riding the bike or wearing pink jerseys during practice (riding the bike means you're injured to some degree, a pink jersey means you're injured to a lesser degree. The injury jerseys at most schools are yellow or maybe green. Coach Amato puts them in pink!). Rod Johnson's injury is the worst of course, he's out 8-10 week with that fractured arm, but Brian Jamison should be back from his foot sprain next week. The only other injuries we've had (knock on wood!) have been minor pulls and strains.

    Shane Riggs has moved from the defensive line to the offensive line - the coaches feel that we really need to add depth on that side of the ball. Shane, who will always be remembered for causing a fumble last year in Chapel Hill, certainly has the size and strength to help on the O-line. Coach Amato says that more changes may come, depending on the progress some of the rookies make.



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