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    In Pursuit of Willie Young
    As the elder statesman of NC State’s defensive front, Willie Young knows a thing or two about chasing down opponents.
    However, Young, who will turn 24 in September, was being pursed by professional scouts in the offseason. Young decided to forego entering the NFL draft in the spring and return for a final year with the Wolfpack as a team co-captain.
    Young has bolstered an impressive resume in his time at State. Young has played 1,667 snaps and ranks 11th in school history with 31.5 career tackles for loss. His 6.5 sacks last season led the team as did his 12.5 tackles for loss and 26 quarterback pressures.
    Young’s impact was vast in the win over North Carolina where he tallied five tackles, two sacks and intercepted a pass.
    His performance in 2008 earned him a spot on the 2009 preseason All-ACC second-team.
    Here’s what Willie Young likes to do when he’s not cruising opposing backfields.

    What’s on my TV: Mike Iaconelli
    What’s in my IPOD: Trick Daddy
    Favorite Flick: Major Payne
    What I’m Reading: 3 Little Pigs
    Magazine Subscription(s): Boats
    Web Bookmarks: Boat Sites
    Worst Habit: Fishing
    On the walls of my room: My son
    I would love to trade places for a day with: Avery (brother) & Tom O'Brien
    First Job: Hustling with my dad ( selling fish, laying water sprinkler systems, and cutting grass)
    Favorite Meal: Fish and Grits
    Talent I’d Most Like to Have: Fly Jets
    Favorite Athlete to Watch in Another Sport: Usain Bolt
    Least Favorite Physical Attribute About Myself: Dribbling a Basketball
    Most Important Thing My Mother taught me: Never to hate anyone, but it’s okay to dislike their ways.
    My Favorite Part of playing for the Wolfpack: The fans
    First Thing I’d buy if I had $1 million: A boat
    Dream Date: Crystal Freeman (Sunshine)
    My greatest love: Family
    My hero: Dad
    My motto: “Size doesn’t matter”
    Favorite Video Game System and Game:PS3/ Madden or Nintendo 64/ Mario Cart
    What other sport or position I would play if not for my current one: Gymnast
    My pre-game ritual/superstition: Pastor Troy, talk to my immediate family and cross my heart



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