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    NC State Men's Soccer Philosophy

- The North Carolina State Men's Soccer program should be known for a sound ethical approach and a positive attitude towards the game. Team members are to be treated with dignity, honor, and respect and are thus expected to treat others the same way. Sportsmanship and fair play go hand-in hand with winning games. As does the value of winning emerging as a by-product of doing the right things instead of it being an end in and of itself is affirmed.

- It is my desire for NCSU Men's Soccer to have a reputation for clean, hard play and attractive, possession-oriented soccer with a creative flair. We also encourage our players to play as simple as possible, making the game easy for themselves. Combination play and an attacking attitude in the framework of a system of play combined with a commitment to teamwork and a positive outlook will form the foundation of our on-the-field efforts. Passing ability is paramount and ability of our team to execute within our system is vital.

- Shadow play and theme-based short-sided through 11 a-side give us our tactical base. Functional training by role and a strong emphasis on ability to execute focus us technically. Fitness is both creative and soccer-specific. We also use videotape extensively, breaking down games by the numbers so that players can look at their own performances objectively and work to improve.

- The philosophy of player development at North Carolina State University is to create a professional environment to provide our players with the necessary tools, experiences and exposure to maximize their individual potential within the team concept. Individual and small-group work in the fall and spring will provide the continuity that fuels player and personal development at NC State. The fall season consists of an in-season strength program, team practices and the NCAA-allowable twenty competitive dates (2 pre-season games, 18 regular season games). The off-season program includes individual ball-work sessions, team practice, lifting, conditioning, and the NCAA-allowable five competitive dates. Our student-athletes must expect to develop as players and leaders while they are here, and be committed to that development as a year-round concept. Through our player development program we expect to give our players the opportunity to player at the highest level possible.

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