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    Catching up with Robbie Mudge and Ian Dempster
    Junior Robbie Mudge
    Junior Robbie Mudge

    April 22, 2014

    RALEIGH, N.C. – Ranked No. 22 in the country in the latest Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) rankings, the tandem of Robbie Mudge and Ian Dempster of the NC State men’s tennis team are making their mark on the Wolfpack Tennis program this season.

    Mudge and Dempster finished the ACC regular season among the top-three in the conference in doubles victories with 18. The duo also currently sits in a tie for second-place all-time in program history in wins by a doubles tandem in in a dual season.

    Recently, had the opportunity to sit down with Mudge and Dempster to talk about their success together on the court, as well as what they enjoy to do off the court. Ranked among the top 25 doubles pairs in the country, what makes the two of you so successful playing together?

    Ian Dempster: “I think our positive mentality. In doubles, we don’t really get down; we try to stay positive. Even if things aren’t going our way we just stay positive and things usually start turning our way.”

    Robbie Mudge: “I think that positive energy really does help us. I have learned a lot from playing with Demp [Ian Dempster] and watching him even though he is just a freshman. I think it has helped in situations in matches all throughout this year. I think that has been a key to our success a lot.” Can you talk about your chemistry on the court and playing together?
    ID: “
    Well, I love playing with Rob [Mudge]. I feel like he brings the best out of my tennis game and I do the same for him. We’re good friends off the court which really pays dividends for us on the court.”



    RM: “I think Demp and I are good friends off the court. We’re very similar people. We have very natural bond off the court which is essential for a good doubles team.” What are some of your favorite activities away from tennis?
    RM: “
    We like to go bowling. We also fish quite a bit on the weekends and play disc golf.”

    ID: “I just like listening to music. Any free time I have, I just like to hang out at home. We don’t really get much down time, especially during the season.” Ian, what do you miss most about being away from your home state of Texas?
    ID: “
    Besides family, I miss the big city atmosphere. Raleigh is not as big of a city than what I am used to in the Dallas area.” Do you have a favorite food from home that you miss?
    ID: “
    BBQ. My favorite BBQ place is called Country Cousins. It’s a little shack and you can get some good sausage.” Robbie, what do you miss about home in Winston-Salem, N.C.?
    RM: “
    I miss spending time at our place on the lake. I enjoy going out on the jet ski. I also miss my family of course too.”  

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