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Welcome To NC State Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine | 6/2/2011

Welcome To NC State Sports Medicine Read More [+]

Where Are They Now?

Sports Medicine | 5/1/2015

NC State Sports Medicine finds former Graduate Assistants and finds out where they are now in their careers. Read More [+]

Five Reasons Athletes Should Stretch

Sports Medicine | 5/1/2015

Athletes spend hours training to hone their skills, but few consider stretching a vital component to their athletic performance. According to popular author Frédéric Delavier, stretching has the ability to increase performance levels and should be included in every athlete's... Read More [+]

The Impact of sleep on athletic performance

Sports Medicine | 1/29/2015

BBC News recently published and article that detailed the correlation between bedtime and it's impact on sports performance. Read the article to find out more. Read More [+]

What to Drink, How Much, How Often and More Tips

Sports Medicine | 6/5/2014

Summertime is here, so you've got no more excuses for not going outside to get some physical activity. Outdoor activity is a great way to put the fun into fitness -- but it requires paying special attention to hydration. Read More [+]

With summer right around the corner, how can I protect my skin?

Sports Medicine | 5/5/2014

Along with the warm temperatures and longer days of the summer comes the danger of damage to the skin, including sunburn. With these easy tips you can help protect yourself. Read More [+]

Seasonal Allergies: Antihistamines or Decongestants?

Sports Medicine | 4/3/2014

Antihistamines and decongestants won't cure your allergies, but when you've got a runny or congested nose, they're two of the most widely used types of medicine people use. Read More [+]

Six Tips for Managing Cold, Flu

Sports Medicine | 1/27/2014

Do you feel a cold coming on? Do you think you might be coming down with the flu? Six tips for managing cold or flu. Read More [+]

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