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    Health & Safety Information

    Part of the NCAA's core mission is to provide student-athletes with a competitive environment that is safe and ensures fair play. While each school is responsible for the welfare of its student-athletes, the NCAA provides leadership by establishing safety guidelines, playing rules, equipment standards, drug testing procedures and research into the cause of injuries to assist decision making. By taking proactive steps to student-athletes' health and safety, we can help them enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling career.

    Cardiac Issues
    Cardiac 3 Minute Drill
    Cardiac Fact Sheet for Student-Athletes
    Heart Disorders
    Overview fo Heart Disease in Student-Athletes

    Concussion Fact Sheet for Coaches
    Concussion Fact Sheet for Student-Athletes
    Concussion Symptoms Awareness Poster for Men's Sports
    Concussion Symptoms Awareness Poster for Women's Sports

    Drug Testing
    Drug Testing
    National Study of Substance Use Trends Among NCAA College Student-Athletes
    NCAA Banned Drugs List

    Football Safety Guidelines
    Football Rules and Hitting Defenseless Players

    Heat Illness
    Beat the Heat Poster
    Behind the Blue Disk: Football and Heat Illness
    Don't Fizzle in the Heat Poster
    Heat Illness
    Tackling Two-A-Days Poster

    Mental Health
    NATA Consensus Statement: Inter-Association Recommendations in Developing a Plan for Recognition and Referral of Student-Athletes with Psychological Concerns at the Collegiate Level
    NCAA Handbook for Coaches and Student-Athletes: Managing Student-Athletes' Mental Health Issues

    Sickle Cell Trait
    ACSM and NCAA Joint Statement - Sickle Cell Trait and Exercise
    Football Point of Emphasis on Sickle Cell Trait
    Sickle Cell
    Sickle Cell Fact Sheet for Coaches
    Sickle Cell Fact Sheet for Student-Athletes
    The Student-Athlete with Sickle Cell Trait (video)

    Skin Issues
    Skin Issues

    Sports Sun Safety
    Sports Sun Safety
    Sports Sun Safety Sheet

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