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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    • That N.C. State will pay all expenses resulting from any athletically related injury during NCAA sanctioned practices or games. After primary and secondary insurances have paid, N.C. State will pay any additional expenses for pre-approved care and treatment.
    • That N.C. State will cover up to two years from the date of injury for any medical expenses incurred, when following N.C. State policies.
    • This coverage extends to all NCAA sanctioned athletic activities, regardless of whether they occur during the academic year or during the summer.

    How do I fill out the form if my son/daughter does NOT have Health Insurance? The insurance form needs to be completed in its entirety and should read "NO COVERAGE" where the insurance company's name should go.

    What expenses can be paid by the Athletic Department? The Athletic Department can pay only those expenses incurred as the result of an athletic injury sustained during NCAA-sanctioned and staff-supervised practice or competition. This includes diagnostic procedures, treatment, surgery, and follow-up care by team physicians and/or other health care providers pre-approved in writing by the Sports Medicine Department.

    When will North Carolina State University pay the bills? AFTER your group or personal insurance has processed the claim, the North Carolina State University Sports Medicine Department will pay balances due for the above described situations (including deductibles and copayments). Proof of no insurance is required for the Athletic Department to make immediate payment. There is a two (2) year limit from date of injury on submitting bills to NCSU for payment.

    Who does North Carolina State University pay? We make payment directly to the health care provider. You should not make personal payments to a health care provider for treatment of an athletically related injury.

    What do I do if I receive a bill for medical services for an athletic injury? Forward the bill immediately to the Administrative Coordinator in the Sports Medicine Department at the address below. Our department will review the bill in question and consider it for immediate payment or request that the health care provider file a claim with your personal or group insurance company.

    How will I know if and how my insurance company made payment? You should receive a letter advising you that your son or daughter has reported an injury and that he or she may be referred to an off campus provider. When your insurance company has processed the claim, you will receive an Explanation of Medical Benefits (EOB) which will define exactly how the claim was calculated and to whom payment was made. DO NOT THROW THE EOB AWAY!

    What should I do with the EOB I receive from the insurance company? Always forward a copy to us at the address below. The Sports Medicine Administrative Coordinator will make payment of any approved care and balance direct to the health care provider.

    What do I do if I receive a check from my insurance company with the EOB? If you receive a check from your insurance company for care related to your son or daughter, call the Administrative Coordinator IMMEDIATELY.You can assume that the health care provider has not been paid by your insurance company, but you have-and you will need to make immediate arrangements to forward that EXACT amount to the health care provider. Some insurance companies will only make payments to you (the subscriber). Often times this situation can be confusing because you may not know the exact name of the provider or you may not recognize the physician's name. Note: The Sports Medicine Administrative Coordinator will need a copy of this EOB also.

    What if I have an HMO or PPO? You will be asked to provide the name and address of your son's or daughter's primary care physician (on the insurance information form). You are encouraged to consider the Student Health Plan in the the event of a non-athletically related injury or illness. We strongly encourage you to take the time to investigate whether your HMO or PPO has primary care physicians available in the Raleigh area. If so, please attempt to change your son's or daughter's primary care physician to one who is easily accessible for your child. Note: some HMO/PPO plans have "added protection" for students attending school in a different geographical location, but you need to enroll them ahead of time.

    Why do I have to complete a new form every year? Your release is valid for one school year. We have found that the information is subject to change. Each student-athlete's insurance status is required before they can be cleared for participation.

    If you find that you have additional questions now or in the future, please contact the Administrative Coordiator below.

    Glenda J. May
    Administrative Coordinator
    Phone:(919) 515-3065
    Fax: (919) 515-6056

    North Carolina State University
    Sports Medicine Department
    Weisiger-Brown Athletics Facility
    2500 Warren Carroll Dr., Box 8502
    Raleigh, NC 27695-8502

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