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    Wes Moore Press Conference Transcript
    Wes Moore
    Wes Moore

    April 8, 2013

    Press Conference Transcription
    Head Women's Basketball Coach
    Wes Moore

    Opening Statement......
    "It's great to see some familiar faces and some friends that I haven't seen in awhile. I want to thank all of you for being here today and showing the support that I remember so well from my years back. It's a humbling day, I can say that and it's a proud day. So many people have helped me get to this point. Almost 20 years and hundreds of games later I'm back with the Pack and it's a great honor.

    This is a special place, NC State is a special place and that's exactly what it took to get me out of Chattanooga. It's been a great run there. I love my players there, both past and present. They're a big reason why I'm here today, them and other former players are the ones that have presented me with this opportunity. I'd like to say that I understand I'm not here alone, a lot of people have helped me get here. I think about the assistant coaches that have worked so hard on my staffs and the friendships that they have provided through the years.

    Again, its' been an unbelievable ride for me. I'm really thankful for my wife Linda, the support she's given and the understanding as a coach's wife. It's just a really great moment to bring her back here to her family, after 30 years or so of being away it seems like.

    It's a thrill for me and I think everyone who comes to a point like this looks back on all the folks that made it possible. Coach Yow, obviously I wouldn't be here today without her influence and her support through all the years. She made Wolfpack women's basketball special and I owe a lot to her. Because of my experiences with Coach Yow, I can come in here with my eyes wide open. I know what it's going to take for us to be successful and I understand it's a great challenge before us.

    The ACC has always been one of the premier women's basketball conferences in the country and now you've got the additions coming on board, it's going to be brutal. But I think that without a doubt we have a lot of work to do, but there are a whole lot of reasons for optimism and I think when you start listing those you have to start at the top with Debbie Yow. Everyone that I've talked to during this process and in this business said that she will give the support and the resources you need to be successful and she has shown that in her track record over the years.



    If you look at what's ahead because of Debbie is the renovation of Reynolds Coliseum, the $40 million dollar project. I think that's going to make for a great situation for us in recruiting, but also to provide our student-athletes and fans a great experience when they come to games. That's going to be big a boost for us when we go out on the road.

    Also, if you look at the success of this program over the years, there are a lot of programs that can talk about competing at a high level and having success, but here at NC State we've got proof. We know that it can be done here. You look at nine ACC Championships, 21 NCAA Tournament appearances, a final four run and we don't have to tell people that we think we can get this done, we know we can get this done. Some people talk about vision and we've seen that vision here  at NC State, so that's another area that we can look to when we're recruiting the type of student-athletes that we can all be proud of.

    I met with the players last night and another aspect that's great here at NC State is almost everyone of them said that they chose to come here because it's a family. Not only in our program, but also in the athletic department and in the community. It truly is a close-knit family. Here we truly are the Pack and we've got each other and we've got each other’s back and I think we can sell that to the kids. If you come here, you're going to have people like the ones sitting here today that will be supporting you, not only for four years, but also for the rest of your life they're going to be there for you. That's what we intend to do for them.

    Finally, I think you can look at Wolfpack nation in general, it's going to be a great emphasis by our staff to reestablish ourselves in the state of North Carolina. We look to do that and the people that we have across the state, that the Wolfpack means so much to, they're going to be a great ally for us. Because of that I know we can accomplish great things and get this program back to the success that it has known and give us all something to howl about.

    Again, I just want to thank you. It's a great thrill to be back and I can't wait to get started. We're going to do it the right way with character and integrity, but we're also going to be very successful. We won't be intimidated or back down from anyone. We're going to claim Our State back and I can't wait to get started.

    On roots with NC State....

    "Well, I've followed the program with great interest. Once you're a part of this family, I think you feel like you will be accepted and a part of it. I was here just a few years ago for a reunion. Yesterday a former player came through town and they live in Greensboro, but just came over to welcome me. That's what I mean by the people here are so special and because of that you want to follow this program and keep up with the success that they've had.

    On starting coaching women's basketball and being a male coach....

    "I think there are challenges in any coaching situation, because you are trying to get a group of people to do what they need to do in order to accomplish what they want to accomplish, whether that be on the court or academically, so that's always a challenge. As far as a guy coaching women, the national championship game tomorrow features two male coaches, so I think it can be done."

    On SoCon conference success translating to ACC...

    "Obviously the level of competition will be different, but I would hope with the NC State name and the ACC affiliation, we're going to attract players that can take us to that next level. Coaching is still coaching, you still have to go get players that have talent and character that are going to have a work ethic about them. Again, I don't know that changes a whole lot. More than anything, it's about the type of player that you can attract to your program. It's going to be exciting to be at a place where we can offer them an opportunity to play at the elite level. We have had success against the ACC and SEC teams, so it's going to be excited to be on a level playing field as far as recruiting goes."

    On challenge of establishing the OUR STATE mentality....

    "It's a very big challenge and I'm not coming into it blindly, I know we have a lot of work to do. When I was here before we had some great players from this state and we have to get ourselves back in that mode. I think we'll try to recruit the east coast hard, that's always been good to us whether it be football or women's basketball and I think that will be critical as well. You've got to sign a couple players a year that will help you get there and you have just have to make sure that you prepare them daily for that type of competition. I understand the challenges in front of us and that's what makes it fun. You can either get in an inner tube and coast down one of these lazy little rivers or you can get in a kayak and shoot the rapids. And we're going to shoot the rapids.

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