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    #BackPack: Q&A With Women's Basketball Player Kody Burke
    Kody Burke
    Kody Burke

    Aug 21, 2013

    RALEIGH, N.C. - Senior women's basketball player Kody Burke spent a large portion of her summer working part-time in NC State's Athletics Business Office. She recently took a little time out of her busy schedule in preparation for her final season to catch up and talk about her work experience, and even talked a little about some stuff she did on the court as well. Why did you want to work in NC State's Athletics Business Office?
    Burke: I know that as a student-athlete, it's hard to get a lot of work experience. A lot of my classmates were telling me about how they got internships and I kind of wanted to get my feet wet, too. What were some of your responsibilities working there?
    Burke: On a daily basis, I was filing documents for things like cell phone orders, purchase orders and travel reimbursements. I also posted journal entries and invoices. Recently, I had to research through documents and compile information for the NCAA Annual Report. It was a lot of administrative stuff, and I loved helping them out. What did you want to accomplish working this summer?
    Burke: I wanted to get my feet wet in athletics administration. I have always had a desire for getting into it, and this was a great opportunity to do that. Did your experience change or open your eyes to new career possibilities?
    Burke: When I came into school, I was so focused on getting into something in accounting or finance, but this experience definitely opened my eyes toward working in an athletics department or working with basketball. How much basketball did you play during the summer months?
    Burke: We were permitted to work with our coaches during individual workouts, so I incorporated even more basketball with that a lot more than I usually would. I played easily 5-10 hours every week.


  Did you have any time to go on vacation?
    Burke: Yes, I had a little bit of down time. The people I worked with in the athletics business office told me to take some time off, so I went to Burlington, N.C., and for the Fourth of July I had time to relax. I didn't get to see family this summer, but I had a good time even though I was away from them. What have you done with new head coach Wes Moore and his staff?
    Burke: Coach Moore definitely knows basketball. For the first time, coaches were allowed to watch us play pick-up games over the summer, and there were times he would stop, give some advice and say, `Sorry, but that's just the coach in me.' They were small tid-bits of advice, but it all made sense. The coaching staff is very supportive of Coach Moore's philosophy and incorporates some of those things.  He brings discipline and I think the team needs that. He's very up-tempo, which is my type of game because I like to run. I'm looking forward to that. What does it mean to you to be so close to so many statistical milestones in NC State women's basketball history?
    Burke: It hasn't even crossed my mind. It's such an honor to be recognized among those people, but I'm just trying to get better and take it one game at a time. Coach Moore has told me to just focus on the present and good things will come, so if I just focus one game at a time I can look back and know I gave it my all. I'm trying not to think too far into the future. It's scary! 

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