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    Doughtie: Traveling Is Always An Interesting Experience
    We have been in New Mexico for about a day now, and all I can say is we have already had our fair share of interesting experiences.

    The fun began at the Airport in Raleigh. Dr. Elizabeth Hedgepeth our sports psychologist tried to check in at the kiosk with her Costco card. As shocking as it might seem it didn’t work. We actually flew with part of the Duke Team out here. All of us had a short turn around in Houston, but apparently we didn’t realize how short because we were sitting out near our gate for twenty minutes before we realized our flight was doing its last boarding call. That could have been quite the story to miss our flight while sitting beside the gate.

    Finally, we made it to Albuquerque, and just when we thought things were about to calm down for a while, Coach upset the traffic cop at the airport. We were sitting in the car while coach was looking for the directions to the hotel when we notice the traffic cop staring at us. It seems we were holding up traffic in a major way, and he was not too pleased. We heard a few choice words from him before we were able to actually leave the airport property.

    We checked into the hotel, and rode around the area for a little while before heading to dinner. After dinner we tried to find a grocery store to buy a few things for our rooms, like bottled water. We have still yet to find one (maybe we will before the end of the week).

    Unfortunately, I woke up at 5:00 am Sunday, but I didn’t tee off until 1:00 pm. So needless to say I had so much time to kill it was ridiculous. This two-hour time change is rough the first few days especially when you play in the afternoon.

    Coach and I decided to only play 11 holes Sunday to try to stay rested for the week ahead (its rough to tee off when your body thinks it is 3 pm in the afternoon). The altitude change also takes its toll on your body when you aren’t used to it. What I have seen of the course to this point I really like, and the course is in excellent condition.

    The NCAA had the welcome banquet Sunday tonight at El Pinto. They provided charter buses to take everyone to dinner and bring them back. The start of the bus ride made the umbrellas at Oasis seem tame. One of the buses tried to turn too quickly and ran the side of the bus square into a street light pole. Thankfully, we were not on that bus, but it may have been more fun to observe.

    Although this tournament is the national championship, so far you would never know this event was that serious. It is so much fun to be here over such a long period of time. We all get to spend a lot of time together. The only slightly negative part I have found with this trip is coach’s desire to take pictures has not changed with the team’s absence. So she takes pictures of just me. She keeps getting some quite amusing ones when I am not aware she is taking them. She says she gets the funny ones because I keep telling her I don’t want pictures of just me. I think it is a game now because I have started taking some of just her in return.

    I will have my final practice day on Monday where I will see the full 18 starting at 8:00 am. Time for me to rest up for another big day.

    Whoop, Whoop LD Out.



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