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    Doughtie: The Longest One Hole Of Golf Ever
    Wednesday May 21

    ALBUQUERQUE - Wednesday’s second round was crazy. It was bad enough to try to fill my morning since I didn’t tee off until 2 pm, but not five minutes into warming up for my round, play was suspended. This is the first time I have ever played in a tournament that was suspended for wind, but I have also never been on a course in wind like we had today.

    I was told by a friend who plays for another team that a few pins blew out of the cups. The wind also blew over bathrooms on the course. After a two-hour delay I finally teed off at 4 pm. After our first hole we had to wait on the tee box at No. 2 because the group in front of us had yet to tee off. One of the players could not address her ball to hit her tee shot on the par-three because the wind was so strong she could not stand up. We found out later the winds were over 40 mph sustained at times and had gusts over 50 mph!!

    What made the wind even worse than just the difficulty is that we are in the desert so sand and pebbles are floating with the wind. Let me tell you sand blasting’ HURTS. I took my towel and put it around my legs while standing there because the sand hurt so badly when it hits your skin going that fast.

    So I spent over five hours at the golf course today and all I accomplished was completing one hole.

    Well, I have to restart tomorrow at 7 am on Thursday so I need to hit the sack. We will play as many holes as we can get in tomorrow, but they are calling for strong winds again tomorrow along with the chance of thunderstorms so we could see a lot more of the clubhouse.

    Whoop, Whoop LD Out.



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