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    Inside the Chalk Box: Freshman Emily Anderson
    Freshman Emily Anderson traveled from Colorado to join the Wolfpack this year.
    Freshman Emily Anderson traveled from Colorado to join the Wolfpack this year.

    Sept. 8, 2010


    Freshman gymnast Emily Anderson offers fans a behind the scenes look at her first few weeks on campus in this week's "Inside the Chalk Box"...

    Jumping into a new life has definitely been quite the experience, so far. These first couple of weeks I've been really busy with finding my way around campus, practices, classes, new faces, and being on my own. I think this first month will probably be the hardest with adjusting to everything being brand new.

    So far, I am really liking all my classes and teachers but I know it's only the first week of school and it will get harder. College work is definitely different than high school. I am used to teachers reminding me when I have homework and when to read. Now, I have to be on top of everything and know when things are due.

    Along with classes being different, getting around campus was a little bit of a struggle at first. I had to use a map for a few days to find everything I need. Now that I walk everywhere, I am getting around just fine. The apartment dorms the athletes get to live in are so luxurious. I love having our own kitchen to make food or eat when we don't have time to go to the dining hall. Speaking of the dining hall, I enjoy Case because they try hard to serve healthy foods. As a gymnast, it's hard to eat the right things when you aren't at home, but I think Case does a really good job providing us with what we need.  

    The best experience so far has been being a part of a new team. The upperclassmen have done a great job welcoming the freshmen and helping us with everything. They are very patient with all of our questions even when we ask stupid ones. I am really looking forward to being a part of this team because I think it is a great group of girls. The freshmen already get along so well and I love having six other girls who are also new to the college life. I also love how the older girls push us and everyone cheers for everyone, even when we are doing strength. The encouragement with strength, cardio, and dirty dozens (a torturous way to get in shape) have really helped me get through it all. The support from all the girls, coaches, and staff is unbelievable.  



    Being from Colorado, I am still getting used to the heat and humidity! Supposedly it's easier to breathe here, but I feel like the air is so much thicker that it's about the same. There are definitely a lot of things different here in the south than in Colorado. But I love being in a new area and changing things up. I think change is awesome, it just takes some time to get adjusted. My experiences here at NC State have been wonderful so far and I can't wait to continue my adventures as a new college student and athlete.

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