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    Inside the Chalk Box: Senior Jackie Yanchocik
    Jackie Yanchocik
    Jackie Yanchocik

    Sept. 16, 2011

    Senior gymnast Jackie Yanchocik discusses her expectations for the coming year and the team's preparations in this week's "Inside the Chalk Box" ...

    This is it.  Preseason has already started, and we've already undergone some changes coming into this year.  We have a couple new assets to our team, not just the freshmen, but a new coach and trainer as well. Every year teams go through some changes, always for the better.  No matter what changes we encounter we all still have the same goal, to continue our success, whether it is in the gym or in the classroom.   

    Last season our team was very successful. We had our best showing at NCAA Regionals in a long time, we were ranked in the top-25 the entire season, and we won the ImPACK award for being the team most involved in community work.  With three years under my belt I am ready to embrace my senior year.  

    As of now I am soaking up every minute of being a senior.  We are so lucky to have such great additions to our team this year.  With the arrival of our new assistant coach, Bob Starkell, we are so eager to get into the gym and get working with him.  I have a good feeling about our freshmen too, they have been working really hard and are adapting to college gymnastics tremendously.  Since we have started this preseason everyone on the team has been working extremely hard at practice, lifting and running.  For us to succeed and reach our goals for this year we need to start training hard right now.  The five other seniors and I believe that we have all the talent we need to be a top contender in the gymnastics world.  We have made some changes to make sure we accomplish that.  We stepped up our preseason conditioning to get us into better shape.  With mandatory practices right around the corner we are preparing ourselves for the season ahead.   

    As a senior I want to make this the best year yet.  My three years here at NC State have been incredible.  We've won an EAGL Championship, we've been ranked in the top-25 and we've qualified to NCAA Regionals each year.  The next step for us is qualifying for NCAA Nationals.  We have one of the biggest senior classes we've had in a while.  We have the experience, work ethic and leadership to take this team to the next level.  In order to reach that we need to start training for it now, we have a lot to live up to and we have big goals we want to achieve.  We have the ability to do all of that.  If we work hard throughout preseason, stay healthy and keep positive we will be able to reach each goal we've set in place.  It starts now.



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