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    Inside the Chalk Box: Junior Jackie Yanchocik
    Yanchocik has noticed a lot of changes since stepping on campus as a freshman in 2008.
    Yanchocik has noticed a lot of changes since stepping on campus as a freshman in 2008.

    Sept. 17, 2010

    Junior gymnast Jackie Yanchocik talks about the myriad changes Pack gymnastics has gone through since last season in this week's "Inside the Chalk Box"...

    Coming into preseason I’ve started to realize all the changes that our team is going through. Every year you experience pretty much the same routine. It’s a new school year, new freshmen, new workout apparel and new classes. But this year we’ve had more than just the normal things change.

    In gymnastics it is all about your routine; you practice the same one everyday, but once that changes it can throw off everything and you find yourself trying to adjust to a new routine. Our team has undergone a lot of changes this preseason, all for the better.

    As a junior I can say that I pretty much know the ropes. As I was coming back into this preseason I thought everything was going to be the same. We would start practices like we did the year before, all our strength and conditioning would be the same, and we would have all the same staff as we did the previous year.

    To my surprise, there were some alterations. We now have a new athletic director, a new trainer, a new assistant coach and new workouts. In most cases I would be afraid of all these changes, but I’m embracing every single one of them, because eventually these differences will help our team. Change can sometimes be a good thing, and for our team this year, anything is possible.

    I know it’s early and we’ve just started our official practices but I can’t help but get excited about all the great gymnastics that I’m already seeing. It has only been a couple of days since practice has begun but there is so much talent surrounding this team.

    Having finished our first day of official practice, I think it went incredibly well. Walking into the gym everyone seemed to have a positive look on their face. With all the adjustments being made this preseason, no one really knew what to expect. Our conditioning got harder, and we started earlier than we had last year, but that just means that we will be stronger and in better shape.



    Practices are tough right now, really tough, and they will be for a little while. I think if we all continue to keep our goals for the season in mind, it will help every one of us to push through all the changes, the hard conditioning, the hard practices and eventually make us better than ever.

    We have the talent, dedication, and passion for this year’s team not just to be good, but great, even exceptional. With only a couple days of practice under our belts I can already see an incredible team taking shape. Being an upperclassman I know how hard it is to get through preseason, especially in our sport where our preseason goes until December. But I’m confident that all of us can do it. It will just take some patience, but if we start training hard now, we’ll be ready for when season comes.

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