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    Inside the Chalk Box: Junior Brooke Barr
    Barr likes the progress she's seen through preseason, and knows the hard work will help the Wolfpack make it to Nationals.
    Barr likes the progress she's seen through preseason, and knows the hard work will help the Wolfpack make it to Nationals.

    Oct. 5, 2010

    Junior gymnast Brooke Barr discusses the improvement she has seen as a member of Pack gymnastics through four weeks of preseason training in this week's "Inside the Chalk Box"...

    We are now in week four of preseason, and to be honest, I cannot believe how fast it’s going.  It seems like just yesterday we were limping around the gym, sore from the first few days of official practice. Now it’s just another day, another cardio circuit, and another morning lift.  I have seen such an improvement over the last three weeks, it’s unreal.  Everything is starting to come together and the girls are looking absolutely great!

    There hasn't been anything but determination and optimism from each gymnast in the gym.  Granted, some days are worse than others, especially now that we have started routines, a feeling most of us have forgotten since April, but every one of us has gone after it with as much as we can give.  We did full floor routines today, it was a bit of a struggle, but having six girls up, hearing floor music, and seeing people do their routines, it started to bring back that “season” feel.  Having that feeling is getting me really pumped for January!  We have an amazing team with so much talent and I could not be happier to be a part of something so great. 

    Every Wednesday our team does what we call “dirty dozens”. And yes, it is as bad as it sounds. Twelve 20-yard sprints (down is one, back is two) in under a minute are considered one complete set.  To be finished with these, Mark had told us that every single person on the team had to complete 12 sets, all in under a minute.  We all thought that this would be incredibly hard and that it would take us weeks to even come close to getting finished.  Last Wednesday we did 12, and on our first try we got all of them done in under a minute.  I have never been so proud of my team in the two years I have been here.  Every single girl pushed through the pain and the toughness of having to sprint them.  Not one person gave up. While we were running, the team resting did nothing but cheer, clap and make sure we knew they were pushing us on.  After the last girls crossed the line I think all of us wanted to cry from happiness.  It was definitely a moment of accomplishment, and one I will not forget.  It is just one, of the many steps we are taking as a team to reach our goals.



    I think this year we all have the same mindset: make it to Nationals.  We want nothing more than to go out there, prove to the nation how incredibly good we are, and how hard we have worked to get there.  It may only be October, but in my mind we are already on track to a very successful season.  Each girl has so much to offer. We have a group of extremely hardworking and talented freshman that will bring a whole new outlook to the team.  I am so excited for these next few months to prepare for what I hope will be one of our most memorable seasons yet!

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