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    Inside the Chalk Box: Senior Brooke Barr
    Brooke Barr
    Brooke Barr

    Oct. 5, 2011

    Senior gymnast Brooke Barr walks through the Pack's preseason conditioning program in this week's "Inside the Chalk Box" ...

    Over the past two years our team has gone through a large amount of change,  all of which we have taken with positive attitudes and willingness to adapt.  One of the changes that we faced two years ago was losing our strength and conditioning coach.  This year, we got him back and are more than excited. Wright Wayne has worked at this school for many, many years, and started working with men’s basketball strength and conditioning coach last year.  When we found out that he was going to be our strength and conditioning coach again we were all elated.  Beyond our practices in the gym, strictly doing gymnastics, there is more to our sport that helps keep us strong and our bodies healthy.

    Four days a week we get the pleasure of seeing Wright and doing what he has planned for us.  On Monday and Wednesday after practice we do cardio workouts. The workouts on Monday have earned the name dirty dozens.  They consist of twelve, 20 meter sprints all of which have to be done in under one minute.  That is considered one complete set.  After a two minute break, we do another, have a two minute break, and then another and so on.  Every year our goal is to get twelve sets of twelve all in under a minute.  Since I have been on the team, we’ve always accomplished this goal.  They are far from easy and are usually dreaded by all of us.  But when Wright blows that whistle and we all start to run he really helps to pump us up to get us through them.

    There is something about Wright that really helps motivate us.  He has so much faith in us and always pushes and cheers us on.

    Wednesdays are a little bit of a different routine.  We do more of an aerobic workout where we are doing different moves such as jumping jacks, mountain climbers, sprinting in place or high knee kicks for a select period of time, usually about 30 seconds.  After all of the different moves have been completed we go around two more times, each time getting faster and faster to raise our heart rates. It is a way to get us doing cardio but having less pounding on our bodies and it is definitely more fun than just running.  We blast the music and just get in the zone until we’ve finished.  

    Tuesday and Thursday mornings come extremely early with 7 a.m. lifts.  This year, we are on a five-week program that increases the amount of weight and lessens the amount of reps each week.  This is to get us stronger after the summer break and to begin to work the muscles that we hadn’t worked all summer.  Some of our exercises include pull ups, bench press, squats, and deadlifts.  We also have core exercises to work our abs and other manual exercises that include hand held weights to work individual muscle groups.

    Our five-week program has ended just in time for fall break.  Once we come back we will change our running program as well as our lifting program to now begin to tone our bodies and get us even more in shape for the competition season!



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