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    Inside the Chalk Box: Sophomore Kristen Harabedian
    Kristen Harabedian
    Kristen Harabedian

    Oct. 25, 2011

    One of the most important aspects of being a great team is how well we all come  together for each other. We do a lot of team bonding activities together because it’s important to get to you know your teammates inside and outside of the gym. Now that I am a sophomore, I realize that one of my roles is to help make the whole team close like a family.

    One of the most exciting team bonding events at the beginning of the year is parents weekend.  Parents weekend always includes a home football game in October which is perfect timing after a few weeks of mandatory practices. Our coaches usually host a tailgate for our team and their parents before the game. Tailgating with our coaches is fun because bonding outside of the gym is a good way for the freshmen to get to know the coaches and parents. It was also great that our new coach Bob was able to come and meet everyones parents this year.     

    For the tailgate each class brings a different dessert or appetizer and the parents usually bring food too. Everyone spends time taking pictures and eating as we start getting excited for the football game. About an hour before the game the team starts getting ready and going into the stadium. There is one section that we wait for called SEZ, which is the south east end zone.  As soon as they start stamping tickets for that section the whole team jumps in line and runs to get the best seats.  

    The games are always thrilling because our school is so spirited, not to mention we sit right next to the marching band and we never miss a play!  At the end of the day we are all teammates and every experience we have inside and outside of the gym bonds us closer together.  We go through everything together and it is just nice to know we are all there for each other. I am so excited to see what we are going to accomplish this season. GO PACK!



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