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    Getting to Know: Junior Kirsty Grant
    Junior Kirsty Grant
    Junior Kirsty Grant

    Jan. 29, 2013

    RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's 2013 softball season begins on Feb. 8 at the Florida International Panther Invitational in Miami, with a new excitement as the fast-pitch program enters its 10th season, now under the guidance of first-year head coach Shawn Rychcik.

    The squad returns three seniors - Caitlin Dent, Katie Mansilla and Bethaney Wells - as well as 2012 ACC Rookie of the Year Renada Davis, a shortstop who set a school record last season with a .362 batting average and a .450 on-base percentage.

    On this year's roster of 14 players are five juniors: Scout Albertson, Kirsty Grant, Leah Jones, Hayley Stowe and Chelsea Tate.

    Grant came to NC State prior to last season as a transfer after one season at Tallahassee Junior College. She made 35 starts at catcher and played in 45 games overall. Her three triples not only led the Wolfpack, but was tied for third in the ACC. She also added four doubles and 12 RBIs in her 93 at-bats.

    The native of Ontario, Canada, hopes one day to be an orthopaedic surgeon, and is well on her way after earning ACC All-Academic honors in her first year in the program.



    Kirsty Grant
    Oakville, Ontario
    Lorne Park Secondary School
    Major:  Human Biology

    Favorite movie: “Bridesmaids”
    Favorite magazine:  People
    Favorite song/band:            “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco
    Favorite class/subject: Anatomy
    Favorite flavor of ice cream: Gold Medal Ribbon
    Your ideal fast food meal: Quarter Pounder from McDonald’s, French fries from McDonald’s, diet Coke, Mint Oreo milkshake from Cookout. 
    Favorite meal at a full-service restaurant:  Steak and baked potato.                                                     Favorite “home-cooked” meal: Rib roast with mashed potatos, broccoli and Yorkshire puddings.
    Career ambition: Orthopaedic Surgeon
    What specific things did you do between the end of fall practice and the start of the spring semester to improve your game? Conditioned and lifted six days a week.
    What is your favorite training/practice activity? Situational drills.
    When did you first start playing softball, and did you play other sports before it?
    I started softball at 8 years old, but played basketball even before that.
    All sports you played in high school: Basketball, softball, volleyball, cross country.


    Song/artist on your iPod that you are embarrassed to admit that you listen to: Taylor Swift
    The TV channel or show you most watch: “Grey’s Anatomy”
    TV show you are embarrassed to admit that you watch: “Toddlers and Tiaras”
    ESPN/MTV/Food Network: ESPN
    Give your dress style a nickname/explain: Comfortable/relaxed
    Something that you cannot live without: Diet Coke

    Best dancer on the team: Emily Weiman
    Best cook on the team: Katie Mansilla
    Best dresser on the team: Caitlin Dent
    Best singer on the team: Emily Weiman
    Most likely to play professionally: Lana Van Dyken
    Most likely to be voted into NC State Athletics Hall of Fame some day: Renada Davis
    Favorite activity with your teammates: Watching movies and relaxing at the house.
    Based on your experience, what advice do you have for this year’s three freshmen? Keep on top of academics early and manage your time carefully.

    Brothers/sisters: brother, Erik Grant, sister, Amy Grant
    What/how many pets did you have growing up: Chameleon, crab, dogs, gerbils.
    Favorite vacation location: Panama City Beach, Fla.
    Did either of your parents play college/professional sports
    Father - Volleyball
                For whom: University of Toronto
                How long: Four years
                How much influence did that have on your decision to pursue athletics: He was very active and competitive and I think it has rubbed off on me. He has always wanted more out of me and has pushed me to excel in everything that I do.
    What’s the thing you miss most about home: Home-cooked meals.

    Favorite teams: Toronto Blue Jays
    Person in sports that you would most like to meet/why: Kobe Bryant because he is extremely successful in his sport and is a great competitor.
    Proudest moment from last season: Beating Georgia and Kentucky.
    Pregame routines or superstitions you or your teammates have? Drinking a can of Diet coke.
    If you picked your “team’s song” for this year, what would it be: “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line.

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