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    Getting to Know: Junior Leah Jones
    Junior Leah Jones
    Junior Leah Jones

    Jan. 31, 2013

    RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's 2013 softball season begins next Friday at the Florida International Panther Invitational in Miami, with a new excitement as the fast-pitch program enters its 10th season, now under the guidance of first-year head coach Shawn Rychcik.

    The squad returns three seniors - Caitlin Dent, Katie Mansilla and Bethaney Wells - as well as 2012 ACC Rookie of the Year Renada Davis, a shortstop who set a school record last season with a .362 batting average and a .450 on-base percentage.

    On this year's roster of 14 players are five juniors: Scout Albertson, Kirsty Grant, Leah Jones, Hayley Stowe and Chelsea Tate.

    Jones, in her first year as a regular in the lineup, made 40 starts at first base and played in 45 overall games during her sophomore season. She hit .250 on the season, with a .330 slugging percentage. She had five extra-base hits and 11 RBIs.

    Leah Jones
    Stedman, N.C.
    Cape Fear High School
    First Base
    Human Biology                                                                                       



    Favorite movie: “She’s Out of My League”
    Favorite magazine: Sports Illustrated Body Issue
    Favorite song/band: Britney Spears, of course
    Favorite class/subject: RECESS!
    Favorite flavor of ice cream: Strawberry
    Your ideal fast food meal: #10 combo from McDonald’s with sweet tea
    Favorite meal at a full-service restaurant: Steak
    Favorite “home-cooked” meal: My grans’ beef roast
    Career ambition (outside of your sport): To be Britney Spears' manager.
    What is the most interesting thing you have learned about Coach Rychcik, Coach Grimes and Coach Oliver? Coach Ry is so athletic, best player I've ever seen.
    What specific things did you do between the end of fall practice and the start of the spring semester to improve your game? Just keep swinging.
    What is your favorite training/practice activity? Front toss on the field.
    What is your least favorite training/practice activity? [Strength and conditioning coach] Wright Wayne’s dynamic warmup.
    When did you first start playing softball, and did you play other sports before it? I started at about 8 years old. I've played them all.
    All sports you played in high school: Golf, basketball, and softball.

    iphone or Droid? iphone
    Song/artist most played on your MP3 player: Britney
    Song/artist on your iPod that you are embarrassed to admit that you listen to: It’s all good.
    ESPN/MTV/Food Network: ESPN
    Favorite accessory in your wardrobe: North Face jacket
    Give your dress style a nickname/explain: Stud
    Celebrity doppelganger (celebrity you look like): Some say I’m a mix between Britney Spears and Eva Longoria -- I don’t see it.
    Something that you cannot live without: My family
    Besides NC State, what place do you like most in North Carolina: Good Ol’ Stedman, N.C.

    Best dancer on the team: Kirsty Grant. She loves showing off her moves in the locker room.
    Best cook on the team: Katie Mansilla, for sure.
    Best dresser on the team: Caitlin Dent
    Best jokester on the team: I'd say me or Wellsy, depending on the day
    Best singer on the team: Probably me.
    Most likely to be voted into NC State Athletics Hall of Fame some day: Coach Ry
    Favorite (non-athletics) activity with your teammates: Nights watching “Family Guy” with Hanna
    Based on your experiences, what advice do you have for this year’s three freshmen? It'll be over before you know it.

    Siblings: Two sisters. They are my best friends.
    What/how many pets did you have growing up: a few puppies.
    Favorite vacation location: White Lake
    What’s the thing you miss most about home: Seeing everyone I know.

    Sports idol as a child: Chipper Jones
    Most famous athlete you have ever met: Russell Wilson
    Favorite teams: Atlanta Braves
    If you picked your “team’s song” for this year, what would it be: “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line
    Most memorable moment from last season: Beating Georgia

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