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    What is SHE thinking?!?!?!??!?!

    Feb. 27, 2006

    The week was a tired one. Jet lag set in Monday and I am not sure it has left. We were supposed to play ECU on Wednesday but weather hampered the situation. Coach Kee and I called the game on Tuesday because we did not want to dodge rain drops all night. Its nice to know on Wednesday that we made the right call.

    It gave us another day to practice, which was good, but from the results of the weekend it did not help.

    We start midterms this week so the kids are a bit frazzled. Everything always seems to happen at once. I was semi-looking forward to our first bus trip. Don't tell anyone I said that! I get to catch up on movies. Trips are measured by the number of movies you can watch and this was only a one movie trip- now our spring break is going to be 10!

    It was a good trip down to Columbia, S.C. We knew it was going to rain so we had to be flexible in plans. For some reason the schedule got switched completely around so we played Georgia Southern first. It threw off our rotation for pitchers but Shaina stepped up to the task. It basically rained from the 2nd inning on. I hate rain! The kids did well. Lisa Nentwig got on first and we bunted her to second. Heather Gelbard got a base hit to right. Any other day I would have held Lisa but the wet outfield played in our favor and she scored. Shanna Smith hit a blast to center to keep us ahead. Things were looking up.

    As we headed back to the hotel with our convoy of parents, I decided to change my mind three times. Go to the movies, study and sleep, when do we eat. It just gives me a headache. I decided to hangout (I slept for 2 hours) with only four interruptions. Our basketball team was playing at 3:45 so most of the kids wanted to yell at the TV, I mean, watch the game.

    We had a nice dinner at Mellow Mushroom. Then, fortunate for the team, Marble Slab ice cream was right there. Of course I had to be nice and go get ice cream. My nerves must have kicked in, the ice cream and pizza did not sit well. The kids said I got sick because I was nice. Just kidding.

    Now for Championship Sunday. I was very excited to play South Carolina. It was a cool day but we had played in 30 degree weather earlier this year, so 50 was no problem. Abbie seemed to have enough rest and we were ready to rock. It was a pitching dual but the funny thing was, even though Abbie Sims was not pitching well she stuck out the first 9 batters (and 13 for the day). I kick myself for not taking her out but USC just had timely hitting. And we had NO hitting. I would fire the hitting coach, but again, that would be me!

    Fordham's game was looking good in the first. We manufactured a run finally and then went to sleep. We were very undisciplined and swung at anything. They too had timely hitting. Shaina came in and shut them down but we couldn't help with any hits. It is back to the drawing board this week. We have a 10 day road trip ahead of us.



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