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    Sisterhood with Agustina: I was meant to be here
    By: Agustina Arechavaleta

    Agustina is one of three seniors on this year's Wolfpack women's tennis team. Throughout the year, Allison, Lauren, and Agustina will be posting weekly blogs about what it is like to be a member of a Division I athletic team including personal insights on competition and experiences shared amongst the team. The blog's title, Sisterhood, has an important meaning to the team. Each player does not only consider themselves teammates but part of a sisterhood where they will learn to share four years of their lives with other student-athletes from all around the world who enjoy playing tennis and having the opportunity to be part of the Wolfpack.

    I came all the way from Montevideo, Uruguay to become a Wolfpacker. Being part of this team has been one of the highlights of my life. I can’t imagine this will be my last year around the J.W Isenhour Tennis Center, which has become my second home. I have spent many great memories here - from long, exhausting and fun practices at the tennis courts, hanging out with the team in the lounge to our team preparations in the locker room before practice times and match days. This will always be a memorable place on campus for me.

    I have been at NC State for three years now. Since the day I got here there was always something new and challenging for me to face and overcome. I was given the opportunity to be immersed in a new country and culture which made me want to keep learning and exploring all of the things around me. I did it so in a fast pace. I was thrown into this new world and I immediately soaked it up. Everyone here had always been great to me and they made everything possible. I will never regret this experience that I have been enjoying since my freshmen year. I have been able to meet amazing people that I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life. I am having so much fun and I wish I could do it all over again.

    Last year my mother came from Montevideo, Uruguay to visit me. This visit became part of an unforgettable moment. When she arrived, I was faced with a mixture of both my Uruguayan background and my new American one. She had the opportunity to see how much I had learned. She got to meet the team, watched me play tennis and interact with my fellow teammates. She had the best time with the Pack and that for me was unforgettable. Being her first time in North Carolina on the N.C. State campus, she began to see why I have fallen in love with this place

    One thing my mother hears about but has not yet been able to experience is our road trips. Right before we get into the van, or on our way to the airport, I feel very anxious - like I have butterflies in my stomach. There is always something special about being together in the vans. We learn the most about each other there. Especially through long conversations about our differing backgrounds and cultures. Due to our diverse backgrounds, we are privileged to varying perspectives. I want to thank every one for teaching me so much.

    I am very excited for this upcoming season and I am looking forward to speaking with you in the upcoming weeks in this blog. Lots of road trips to go and many matches to play.

    We are getting ready for our first tournament of the season. We will be traveling to Tennessee on Thursday September 14th to compete against several different universities. This will be our first road trip with a new team.

    Next weeks look to see Allison’s post about the results and highlights from the tournament.



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