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    Off The Court With Stephanie Sims
    Stephanie Sims
    Stephanie Sims

    Sept. 15, 2005

    Stephanie Sims, a redshirt-freshman on the NC State volleyball team, submitted answers to this past summer on a variety of subjects, most having nothing to do with volleyball. The Fayetteville, N.C. native is a right side hitter who practiced with the squad last season, but did not play in any matches. Sims was named an NC State Scholar-Athlete both semesters last year.

    GoPack: What is your nickname on the team?
    SS: Radio

    GoPack: Who has the funniest nickname on the team?
    SS: Gogs (Amy)

    GoPack: What has been your favorite class taken at NC State?
    SS: FLG 101

    GoPack: Why did you choose to come to NC State?
    SS: Closeness to my hometown, 2 sisters that lived in Raleigh ... convenience!

    GoPack: When you were a kid what did you want to be a when you grew up?
    SS: WNBA All Star

    GoPack: Nobody knows how much you like to what?
    SS: Play my flute

    GoPack: What has been your most embarrassing moment on the court?
    SS: Hit in the head by a serve while trying to get out of the way against high school rival in front of big crowd

    GoPack: What has been your greatest moment outside of volleyball?
    SS: Shutout our biggest rival in softball

    GoPack: What are your pregame rituals that you have before every match?
    SS: Pregame with music in the locker room with a couple of teammates and say prayer

    GoPack: Who would you like to switch places for a day with?
    SS: Amerie

    GoPack: What are your favorite hobbies?
    SS: Playing the flute, shopping, going out with friends

    GoPack: If you had to give up all your possessions but one what would you keep?
    SS: My Bible

    GoPack: Where is your favorite place on campus is?
    SS: Locker room (couch)

    GoPack: Who has influenced you the most in life?
    SS: My father! He exemplified what hard work and not giving up will get you in life. In 2000 he died of cancer, but through it all he showed nothing but determination and humbled himself to the point you thought he would get better. So, I thank my Dad for making me realize no one can put you to the top but yourself ... you are your biggest critic!

    GoPack: If you were in charge of practice for a week, what would you have us do?
    SS: Do drills that aren't slow and don't require a lot sitting out for the players

    GoPack: Which teammate is most likely to be a head coach one day?
    SS: Stefani

    GoPack: Who is the funniest member of the team?
    SS: Me ... I'm always making my teammates laugh, whether they are laughing at me falling or just laughing at me ... I even know how to put a smile on Coach Byrne!

    GoPack: If you could be on any magazine cover, which would you choose?
    SS: Shape

    GoPack: What do you plan to be doing in 10 years?
    SS: In the Air Force, `till the day I retire!

    GoPack: What is your favorite movie?
    SS: Love and Basketball ... when are they gonna come out with Love and Volleyball?! ;)

    GoPack: What is your favorite TV show? GoPack: What is your favorite food?
    SS: My German Mom's tacos!

    GoPack: What is your car's nickname?
    SS: I mean, can I get a car?! :)

    GoPack: If you were rich and decided to buy a boat what would you call it?
    SS: Twankle, Twankle



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