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    Sweet: Round Two in ACC Play
    Follow freshman Nikki Sweet's first year with the Wolfpack program each week via the NC State volleyball blog on Nikki will keep fans up to speed on the latest happenings of the team; discussing practices, training, matches and much more.

    RALEIGH, N.C. -
    We started off this week with Monday as a lift and film day. It was nice to have the day off from the gym, but watching film was like a practice in itself. We picked through most of our plays and discussed what we could do to make that play better. We walked out of film mentally ready for the upcoming week of practice.

    Tuesday was our first day back in the gym, and we kicked off practice with our usual conditioning. We then had a note card posted with each of our names on it, and each day a coach would write down a goal for us to work on in practice. After practice we had to rate how well we did with that goal. It was something new for us and I think we did a good job overall of keeping up with our individual and team goals each day. As far as practice is concerned, we worked a lot on breaking down our technique with everything. We also did a lot of serving, which we were trying to make more aggressive by mixing deep corner serves with shorter serves. We also worked on our usual team competitiveness by doing wash drills and scrimmaging each other. We were satisfied for the most part with our practices this past week, and we felt prepared for our upcoming matches.

    Friday we had our first match of the weekend against Miami. Before the match that night a few of our players had the privilege of visiting Monroe Middle School and talking to the students about college life and our lives as student-athletes. After visiting with them for about an hour, we met the rest of the team for pre-game, and then headed back to the lockerroom to prepare for the match. The match that night was very exciting for us, as we played on the center court, had a lot of fans and had the band and cheerleaders there to cheer us on. The atmosphere pumped us up, and we came out strong with a win in the first game. The next three games we couldn’t generate an extra edge to put us ahead of Miami. We would break down in serve receive, or lose a point on a mental error, and couldn’t pick our game back up to win another. We ended the night with a disappointing loss in four games.

    Saturday’s match against Florida State was not much better for us. We couldn’t get ahead in the beginning of each game, which really hurt us, and we found ourselves having to fight that much harder to catch back up. Each game was better for us, as our scores showed, but in the end our battle wasn’t enough.

    We are looking forward to this coming week of practice and beginning of our second round of play through the ACC. We start back at the beginning this weekend when we travel to Georgia Tech and Clemson. We are looking at this as another chance, a new opportunity, to prove to ourselves and everyone else that we are capable of winning.

    Thank you to all the fans who came out and supported us this past Friday and Saturday. We will be away this weekend as we travel to Georgia Tech on Friday, and then up to Clemson on Saturday.



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