The Wolfpack Club

Dail Club Seats

Curtis and Jacqueline Dail Club:

The Dail Club is a spacious indoor lounge that provides a festive atmosphere to luxury seating. A full-service buffet is provided to the fans prior to each game, along with unlimited sodas, coffee, and water. A more casual menu is set out at half-time of each game. The lounge is indoors to protect against the elements, white the seating is outdoors to experience the game-day atmosphere and consists of seats spanning from goal line to goal line. Each Dail Club ticket provides the following amenities:

  • Season ticket cost is included in the donation
  • Indoor lounge spanning the length of the club seating area, featuring comfortable furnishings and multiple televisions
  • The spacious lounge provides unique space for socializing
  • Complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverage
  • Upscale restrooms exclusive to the club level
  • 1 reserved parking pass for every 1-4 club seats
  • Individual red padded chair back seats with extra leg room
  • Tax deduction and cumulative giving credit toward Wolfpack Club priority points and Lifetime Giving Societies for a portion of the club seat donation