The Wolfpack Club

Lifetime Rights Frequently Asked Questions

What are LTR's?

Through the current Capital Campaign known as Building Futures,  you can purchase reserved seats for you and your spouse's entire lifetime.  This Building Futures pledge requires a minimum payment of 10% per year for 10 years until you have paid off the seats.  As long as you purchase season tickets on an annual basis and maintain your required annual giving level for the Annual Scholarship Fund you keep your seats for a lifetime!  Your commitment also allows you to purchase a parking pass(es), which will be assigned based upon your Wolfpack Club priority rank. 

Will the donation towards Championship Commitment LTR's affect my Wolfpack Club priority and rank?

Yes. All monies contributed will be factored into your cumulative giving points.

Is the donation to Championship Commitment LTR's tax deductible?

Yes.  Any donations given to Building Futures are 80% tax deductible. Consult your tax professional.

Can I use the Matching Gifts program for LTR's?

Yes.  Matching can be used towards LTR's.  See matching gifts for more information.

Are LTRs transferrable?

No.  You may not transfer your seats to someone else except in the case of an heir.  If the original LTR purchaser is deceased prior to the 20 year time period from the original LTR purchase, the heir has the right to maintain those seats as long as he/she gives at the required annual giving level and purchases season tickets.  If the original LTR purchaser becomes deceased after the 20 year time period, the heir has the right to purchase those seats at the current LTR pricing structure and maintain the required annual giving level. 

If I donate to Championship Commitment LTR's, am I locked into those seats or can I ever move my seat location?

You may exchange your seats for any available seats within your current giving level at no charge. You may also upgrade your seats by choosing to increase your giving level.  The amount of your existing campaign balance is simply deducted from your new pledge balance.  See the following example:

You have two (2) Spirit Level seats and wish to upgrade to (2) Strength Level

  • Spirit Level: $2,000/seat = $4,000 pledge plus season ticket purchase and minimum annual membership at State Club (currently $360/year)
  • Strength Level - $4,000/seats = $8,000 pledge plus season ticket purchase and annual membership Lobo Club (currently $720/year)

Your overall pledge towards Championship Commitment would increase by $4,000 (to $8,000) and you would be required to pay $360 additional per year ($720) towards the Wolfpack Club Annual Scholarship Fund.

Will I be able to secure additional LTR's through Championship Commitment?  How do I do that?

Yes. If you purchased LTR's through the Pride or Goal Line Drive campaigns you have the option of being able to purchase more LTR's through Championship Commitment.  You may purchase more LTR's up to a total of eight (8) seats per sport.  For example, you originally purchased three (3) seats.  You can purchase up to five (5) additional LTR's through Building Futures.  As a Pride or Goal Line Drive donor you are locked into those respective prices.  For example, if you purchase your three (3) seats through Goal Line Drive at the Victory Level and you want to add additional seats at that level then you will still pay the initial Victory Level seat price for your additional seats.

Do I have to donate to different sports at the same level?

No.  If you purchase LTR's through Championship Commitment you may purchase basketball and football LTR's at separate levels.  You must, however, meet the annual giving requirements for the highest required level.  For example, if you purchase football LTR's at the Courage Level and purchase basketball LTR's at the Strength Level you must be at Red/White Circle (currently $3,600) for annual giving.  You will also have to remain at this giving level.