The Wolfpack Club

NC State Men's Basketball Parking

Parking for NC State men's basketball is assigned using the Wolfpack Club Priority Point System.

The Basketball Priority Deadline is August 1st.

To maximize priority points and rankings for basketball assignments, Wolfpack Club members are encouraged to make a pledge and/or payment prior to the August 1st deadline.

Basketball parking is assigned in the following order, with respect to the Priority Point System:

1. Wolfpack Club members with Men's Basketball Lifetime Rights tickets.
2. Wolfpack Club members with annual season tickets for men's basketball.

Zone Parking
Parking for NC State men's basketball at the PNC Arena is assigned by zones, as opposed to individual space assignments. Zone parking begin in the 2005-2006 basketball season, with the zone parking concept leading to improved traffic flow patterns.
Each Arena Lot is broken down into zones. For instance, the Arena West 6000 lot is divided into zones 6A, 6B, and 6C. 6A represents the zone of the 6000 Lot that is closest to the PNC Arena, while 6C represents the zone that is at the back of the 6000 Lot.
Each member purchasing a season parking pass will receive a zone pass, which enables the member to park in any parking space within a given zone.

Rank Cutoffs
The following information represents the rank limits for each parking zone as assigned for the 2012 - 2013 Wolfpack men's basketball season. These figures are meant to provide Wolfpack Club members with a general idea on what priority rankings are required to park in a desired lot or zone.
Please note: Rank cutoffs for certain lots or zones change every year. These rank cutoffs are not meant to be exact indicators of requirements for future basketball seasons. The below cutoffs are for orders placed by the deadline or September 15th.

Zone 1A Rank of 239 or better
Zone 1B Rank of 1,636 or better
Zone 1C Rank of 9,987 or better
Zone 2A Rank of 241 or better
Zone 2B Rank of 906 or better
Zone 2C Rank of 7,516 or better
Zone 3A Rank of 11,825 or better
Zone 3B No rank cutoff
Zone 4A No rank cutoff
Zone 4B No rank cutoff
Zone 5A Rank of 351 or better
Zone 5B Rank of 1,826 or better
Zone 5C No rank cutoff
Zone 6A Rank of 248 or better
Zone 6B Rank of 1,721 or better
Zone 6C No rank cutoff