The Wolfpack Club

Priority Points Calculation

Wolfpack Club priority points are calculated after each pledge or outright gift is made to the Wolfpack Club.  Three major factors determine total points earned.  Those factors are: 

  1. Annual Pledge
  2. Lifetime Giving (cumulative donations)
  3. Years of Consecutive Membership 

How does the calculation work?  A formula that takes the three major factors into account is used to determine the number of priority points a donor has.  The number of priority points that an individual has determines their Priority (Rank) as compared to other Wolfpack Club donors.  The Wolfpack Club member with the most points will have a rank of #1.

The Basic Calculation:

Annual Pledge  x  0.012 (not cumulative)

Lifetime Giving  x  0.008 

Years of Consecutive Membership  x  1*

*Points for Consecutive Years and Bonus Points

Years 1-5 1 point
Years 6-10 2 points
Years 11-20 3 points
Years 21-30 4 points
Years 31-40 5 points
Years 41-50 6 points
Years 51-60 7 points
Years 61-70 8 points
Years 71-80 9 points
Years 81 and above    10 points

Starting in 2012, bonus points are now awarded for increasing your annual pledge.  Additional donation amount above the previous year will be awarded .012 points.  
  • Example: Donor paid $300 in 2012 and pays $360 in 2013.  They will receive bonus points (.012) for the additional $60 donation that was made.
Example Calculation

Current Annual Pledge $720 x   .012     = 8.64 points
Cumulative Giving $6,600 x   .008     = 52.8 points
Consecutive Years of Membership 5 years     x   1.000   =     5 points  
Consecutive Years of Purchasing Season Football Tickets        3 years x   1.000   = 3 points
Total 69.44 points
Buy Back Years

Donors may "buy back" years where they missed giving an annual donation with the following stipulations:
  • Donors are allowed to "buy back" a maximum of 3 years.  (one time opportunity)
  • They must contribute the annual amount at which they last donated prior to the year they missed.
  • An additional payment of $100 must be contributed to the general endowment.
Key Points to Remember
  • Donors will receive a much larger benefit for long-term membership.
  • Donors will receive bonus points for year to year increases in donations.