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    Student Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

    Q - I did not receive an email reminding me to register / claim my ticket or I did not receive an email saying that I won a ticket to the event. What should I do?

    A - Never rely solely on the email. You should first print out a distribution schedule. (These dates are not set in stone, but it gives you a timeline to go by.) There is an option you can select while filling out your student information regarding receiving emails. If you want to receive a reminder email you need to check the box while completing your information. In your email account you may also need to add the address of the Student Ticketing System to your safe sender list so that the email is not blocked as SPAM.

    Q - When is the last opportunity for me to cancel a ticket before being penalized?

    A - You must cancel your ticket no later than 12 o'clock PM on the day before the event. If you cancel after this deadline you will still be penalized because you are not providing us with enough time to re-distribute the seat. If for some reason you find you will be unable to use your ticket after the deadline, find another student (who has a valid NCSU Student ID) that did not receive a ticket to go to the game in your place.

    Q - Is requesting a ticket the only action I need to take in order to receive a ticket to an event?

    A - NO. First you must request a ticket. Once you request a ticket you are either selected in the lottery or denied. IF, you are selected in the lottery as receiving a ticket, you must then log into your account and actually claim that ticket. (There are deadlines that you must abide by for each step) Once you claim the ticket you can then print it out. IF you are not selected for a ticket in the first lottery or second lottery, you may check back during the on demand period and possible receive a ticket then.

    Q - In my account under My Tickets it says I have a ticket but I cannot print it out. What should I do?

    A - It says you have a ticket because you requested one during the request period; however, you were not selected, as winning a ticket during the lottery or you may not have claimed your ticket in time.

    Q - How do I request group seating?

    A - In order to sit with a group or friends at a football / basketball game, students must sign up to be a part of a group when requesting tickets. In order to do this, one student must set their unity ID to be a group leader. This can be done under the student information link. Once that person's ID is signed up as a leader, anyone who wishes to sit with that person may request a ticket as a member of that group. This option is directly below the individual ticket request field. During certain 'high demand' games AKA Carolina, your group-seating request may not be granted. If you are pushed into the On-Demand Period, group seating is no longer an option.

    Q - Why was I penalized a point?

    A - You were penalized for either not showing up to the event or either not canceling your ticket before the deadline. If you feel like you were penalized unfairly then you may go through the appeals process. A link to this site is available on the options bar on the left side of the Student Ticket Web-site. All appeals must be filed by 11pm four days after the event.

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